past shows

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Spark’s first popup event of the fall: “Tape”

In an effort to bring more contemporary art to campus, we created a temporary tape art installation on and around the clock tower. The installation references contemporary artists such as Jim Lambie and Sol Lewitt who use geometric shapes and bright colors in their work. This hopefully will spark  a dialogue between the contemporary art community and the Northeastern university at large, and pave paths for more opportunities and conversations of this likeness.



MARCH 28-AUGUST 16, 2016

XYZ is our first show in the series “Media”.

“Media” is spark’s exploratory series based on common questions that arise as a contemporary visual artist, art historian, or art appreciator: What is actually going on in contemporary art? What does it mean to create in three-dimensions now? With the exponential growth in technology since the 70’s and 80’s, the contemporary art landscape has changed and we’re just beginning to understand the impact of the Internet, 3D printing, digital design, painting, and animation programs on ‘fine’ art practice. “Media” aims to analyze and display that impact through exhibitions of art practice based on disciplinary themes.


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April 15th-21st, 2016

Peek is our second pop-up invitational show, with each artist having a 7’x4′ space to fill on the walls of the tunnels. We hosted a group of artists from multiple backgrounds and disciplines.


New landscapes

New Landscapes focuses on both the recognition and defiance of traditional art presentation. The works not only engage with each other in the small space of the gallery, but they also construct a larger dialogue of what constitutes art display. These works can act functionally, like Mea Duke’s flotation devices or Ryan Leitner’s tent shelter, but they still maintain the formal qualities and interests of painting and sculpture. Robert McCann’s photographs will continue to evolve throughout the exhibition, with the manipulated emulsion of the surface transforming into different colors and gradients over time. There are parallels in the work to the global state the world is facing today, exploring issues such as climate change and refugee displacement.

Douglas Breault, a first year MFA student at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts/Tufts University is the curator of this exhibition.


The invitational

The Invitational exhibits the work of students in the BFA Studio Art program – a special partnership between Northeastern and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts – alongside invited artists and creatives from a wide variety of disciplines. This is a pop-up show installed in the tunnel intersection under Ell Hall, Dodge Hall and the Mugar Life Sciences Building on Northeastern’s campus.