Undergraduate Programs

As a student in our undergraduate program, you will be introduced to the working world of journalists and public relations practitioners. You will be taught by top-notch faculty, including an investigative reporter from the Boston Globe, a former Cold War correspondent, the owner of a communications agency, authors, consultants, and professors with experience at some of the most prestigious news agencies in the world.

And, of course, through co-op, collaborative research, and opportunities for global travel, you will gain your own exciting experiences; you can put your academic knowledge and emerging professional skills to work. 

The School of Journalism is part of Northeastern University's College of Arts & Sciences. The curriculum is designed to give you a broad education in world civilization, the sciences, languages, as well as professional skills.

We encourage you to explore our Web site. We also suggest that you review the School of Journalism and the College of Arts and Sciences requirements. You can also visit the website of the Office of the Registar to see the latest course offerings.

Feel free to give us a call at (617) 373.3236 if you want additional information about the program.