Sociology is the scientific study of society; it begins with the premise that individuals are affected by the social structures, institutions, and cultural milieus surrounding them. Sociology provides students with the conceptual tools to understand how various features of society affect its members as well as how people create and maintain those same features.

The undergraduate sociology program at Northeastern University prepares students to rigorously analyze the social, political, and economic spheres of society at the local and global levels. Given the varied interests and areas of specialization among Northeastern’s sociology faculty, our program affords students the opportunity to acquire a multicultural and comparative perspective on social life. Our undergraduate offerings cover everything from gender and family violence, to law and criminality, human services, race and ethnicity, social movements, and urban social problems.

Although many of our majors go on to law or professional school, sociology also prepares students for occupations in human services and related health careers; business (sales, marketing, management); criminal justice; the non-profit and government sectors; lobbying, consulting, and citizen advocacy; and education.

Degrees Offered:
Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science

Dr. Christopher Chambers, 617.373.5696

Cooperative Education Advisor:
Lisa Worsh, ( 617.373.4773, 15 Lake Hall

Mary Ramsey (, 617.373.2686