FAQ’s and How to Apply

Frequently Asked Questions about the Combined BA/MA Program in Sociology (the “Plus One” degree)

What is the “Plus One” degree for?
This degree option enables students to complete an M.A. in sociology with an additional year of study at Northeastern. Essentially, students who are admitted to the program can apply four graduate courses toward their undergraduate degree. Then, with an additional year of study, students can complete an additional six graduate courses. With completion of the M.A. paper, students emerge with an enhanced set of skills and abilities.

Who is eligible to apply?
Currently enrolled students in the BA or BS sociology program can apply in the junior year, or after completing 80 credits of undergraduate work.  Students should be planning on enrolling at NU for at least two more semesters, and should have the ability to apply four graduate courses toward the undergraduate degree. Those four graduate courses will take the place of 3 sociology/general electives and the senior seminar. Hence, students who have already completed the senior seminar will normally not be in a position to apply to the program.

What kinds of skills and abilities does the program provide?
The traditional M.A. in sociology at Northeastern involves core courses in theory and methods, along with academic study in various fields. The “Plus One” program is different in three distinct ways. First, it focuses students’ training on an applied or practical set of social problems, such as issues of poverty, deviance, violence, environmental justice, or conflict within urban settings. Second, it emphasizes skills in research methods to a greater extent than does the traditional M.A. degree. Third, students are required to complete an internship practicum–typically, a research project conducted in conjunction with a local organization. As a result, students completing the Plus One degree will be well equipped to compete for rewarding positions in social research settings, community-based organizations, government, and business.

How and when does one apply?
Students applying to the Plus One Program must meet with the Director of Undergraduate Programs, Professor Daniel Faber before filling out the application.

Applications will be considered by the department’s Graduate Committee, working in conjunction with the College of Social Sciences and Humanities Graduate School. Applicants must provide a personal statement and two letters of recommendation. To be considered for admission, students must have maintained a minimum overall GPA of 3.3, and a GPA of 3.6 in the major and must have demonstrated the potential for success in graduate study. The GRE examination need not be taken.  For more information, contact the Department’s Graduate Coordinator (Dr. Matthew Hunt). For more information, see the Department’s website at http://www.northeastern.edu/socant/