Plus One Program

PlusOne Program Approved for BA/BS sociology majors

Sociology majors will be pleased to learn that the Department is now authorized to offer a PlusOne degree program. This means that with an additional year’s study, BA/BS students majoring in sociology can complete the MA degree as well. The program emphasizes a “social problems” orientation, with substantial exposure to the sorts of methodological training needed to excel in careers emphasizing applied social research.

Program description
Northeastern University’s Sociology program has long emphasized substantive areas that address a wide array of social problems, such as the sociology of violence; gender inequality; deviance and social control; poverty; racial and ethnic conflict; environmental justice; and health care disparities (to name but a few).  Now, as professional careers require ever-higher levels of education and training, the American Sociological Association has paid increasing attention to the need for professional Master’s degrees in sociology. In this spirit, and mindful of rising educational requirements, the combined BA/MA and BS/MA ensures that students are equipped with the substantive and methodological knowledge needed to launch careers in applied sociology.

Focus of the Program
Recognizing the distinctive nature of a terminal MA program, the PlusOne degree will provide rigorous training in research methods, as well as substantive knowledge in fields of the student’s choice. Students completing the combined BA/MA and BS/MA will be expected to complete one additional methods course beyond that required of traditional MA students. In completing their graduate electives, PlusOne students will be encouraged to enroll in classes that have an applied or social problem emphasis (see the distribution list below). Students will also be required to complete an internship practicum (typically, a research project conducted in concert with a local organization that addresses an important societal need). The internship will ordinarily lead to the generation of the MA paper.

Who is eligible to apply:
Sociology majors who have maintained a minimum overall GPA of 3.3 and a GPA of 3.6 in the major and have demonstrated the potential for success in the graduate program are welcome to apply to the program.

When to apply
Qualified students are encouraged to apply during the Fall semester of their Junior year.

How to apply
Qualified students wishing to apply must first make an appointment with the Director of Undergraduate Programs, Professor Daniel Faber before filling out the application. Once you complete this meeting, you will receive an Internal Admission Application for Combined Degree Programs. You submit this form with the items below to the College of Social Sciences and Humanities Graduate School Admissions Office, 180 Renaissance Park. (Note: The GRE Examination is not required. Students should NOT apply online via Apply Yourself Portal.)
• Personal Statement
• Two Letters of Recommendation

For additional information
For more information, contact either the Director of Undergraduate Programs, Professor Daniel Faber or the Department’s Graduate Coordinator Professor Matthew Hunt.

Curricular Requirements
On admission, students will begin taking graduate courses during the fourth year of study. Students will be expected to take four graduate courses during the fourth year, applying these courses toward their BA degree. During the fifth year in residence, students will take six graduate courses (including a graduate internship for course credit), and complete a satisfactory MA paper. This coursework will satisfy the 30-credit hour requirement needed for the M.A. in Sociology.