Spring 2014 Registration Information

Dear Sociology and Cultural Anthropology majors-

To help you organize your course selections within topical areas that may be of particular interest to you, we have created content-driven Reference Tools for Registration Spring 2014 of spring course offerings within the department and from outside the department. These lists are meant to be a tool for those students who wish to tailor their curriculum around the in-depth study of a particular area.

The lists fall into the following general categories: cities and communities; class, race, and ethnic inequality; gender and sexuality; environment and health; social change and globalization; and deviance. For each course listed we have indicated what area of the Sociology or Anthropology curriculum the course will fulfill. Courses that appear in italics come from departments whose courses we do not typically accept credit from, but which have been judged as acceptable substitutions for social science elective credit for Sociology majors for Spring 2014 (Anthropology majors should still petition Dr. Klein for review of these selections).

As you review the lists, please keep in mind that some courses may fit into more than one category and that the lists ore not exhaustive – there may be courses offered in other social science departments that are acceptable to take as electives, but do not fit into these categories. You should review the class schedule on banner thoroughly.

If you have additional questions, we invite you to stop by our office hours if you would like more personalized guidance with tailoring your fall schedule to your specific interests.


Your Advising Team