The sociology major at Northeastern is a flexible degree, tailored to meet the needs of a varied student body–students interested in working with community-based organizations, with business groups, or with NGOs abroad; young scholars who are serious about graduate school or the legal profession; students interested in research and intervention involving the problems of families and urban communities. The BA and BS programs offer rigorous training in the most important research methods and techniques, along with strong preparation in current theoretical perspectives and debates. The Department’s faculty is well-known for their expertise in a wide array of fields, including the study of violence, urban and regional development, the sociology of gender and family life, environmental protection, and globalization.

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For questions regarding Sociology, please email: Dr. Christopher Chambers at sociology@neu.edu, or call 617-373-2686.

Mary Ramsey, Administrative Assistant at sociology@neu.edu, or call 617-373-2686.

The anthropology major focuses on culture from a global perspective. Courses reflect the faculty’s expertise in social movements, globalization, and comparative analysis of cultures, the major offers a flexible and stimulating exposure to areas of knowledge that position students to pursue meaningful careers in multiple venues. The dual major in Cultural Anthropology and International Affairs provides unique training in areas of great relevance in today’s complex world.

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For questions regarding Anthropology, please email: Professor Jeffrey Juris at anthropology@neu.edu, or Professor Alan Klein at anthropology@neu.edu or call 617-373-2686.

Mary Ramsey, Administrative Assistant at anthropology@neu.edu, or call 617-373-2686.