Faculty Scholarship

Silvia Dominguez (Assistant Professor of Sociology and Human Services) published Getting Ahead: Social Mobility, Public Housing and Immigrant Networks (New York University Press, 2011).  Using ethnographic methods, Dominguez asks why Latinos in two different Boston neighborhoods have sharply varying experiences. The book stresses the ways that Latina immigrants use social network ties to negotiate barriers and opportunities in an effort to get ahead.

Jack Levin (Professor of Sociology) is pleased to note that two of his recent books have been published in updated editions. The Will to Kill: Making Sense of Senseless Murder (Allyn and Bacon, 2011) has just come out in its 4th edition. This book, an in-depth study of the social patterns that underlie homicide in the United States, was co-authored with J.A. Fox and Kenna Quinet. Now available in its second edition is Prof. Levin’s Extreme Killing: Understanding Serial and Mass Murder (Pine Forge Press, 2011), co-authored with with J.A. Fox.

Arnie Arluke (Professor of Sociology) announces the publication of his most recent book, Beauty and the Beast: Human-Animal Relations as Revealed in Real Photo Postcards, 1905-1935 (Syracuse University Press, 2010). This book explores the complicated union that existed between humans and other animals a century ago through the unique lens of American photo postcards. The book was co-authored with Robert Bogdan.

Matt Hunt (Associate Professor of Sociology) recently published a special issue of the influential Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, devoted to “Race, Racial Attitudes, and Stratification Beliefs.” This volume is a book-length collection of state of the art analysis regarding racial and ethnic identity, racial boundaries, and conceptions of social inequality that are held by whites, Latinos, African-Americans and Asians in the United States. The volume was co-edited with George Wilson.

Daniel Faber’s book, CAPITALIZING ON ENVIRONMENTAL INJUSTICE: THE POLLUTER-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX IN THE AGE OF GLOBALIZATION, is now available from Rowman & Littlefield. As stated by David Naguib Pellow, “Faber deftly exposes the roots of the environmental injustices that the poor, people of color, working class, and indigenous communities confront every day in the U.S. and globally. This is a moving and critical account of domination and resistance in the struggle for the most precious thing of all: life itself.”  This book was a finalist for the 2009 C.W. Mills Award.  Granted by the Society for the Study of Social Problems, this award is one of the most prestigious awards given in the area of social science research.

Delinquency in an International Perspective
Criminal Justice Press, Monsey, NY, USA
Kugler Publications, The Hague/The Netherlands
Josine Junger-Tas, Ineke Haen Marshall and Denis Ribeaud
This book has taken a long time to be realized. It is based on self-report delinquency data from 11 countries, of which ten are European and one is an American state. The idea of undertaking a comparative self-report delinquency study was born during an international NATO Advanced Research workshop that took place in the Netherlands in 1988. It was organized by Malcolm W. Klein and the Dutch Ministry of Justice’s Research and Documentation Center (Klein, 1989). Its objective was to discuss problems in measuring self-reported crime and delinquency and examining the possibility of conducting comparative research.

Minorities, Migrants, and Crime: Diversity and Similarity Across Europe and the United States
Sage Publications Inc.
Ineke Haen Marshall
What relationship exists between minority status and crime? Is this relationship generalizable across different societies? Many western nations are becoming concerned with the problem of crime in general and, in particular, the role of minority groups be they political refugees, immigrant workers, or native ethnic and racial minorities. A unique cross-cultural exploration.

Between Prohibition and Legalization: The Dutch Experiment in Drug Policy
Kugler Publications, Amsterdam/New York
Ed. Leuw and I. Haen Marshall
After a period in which a broad consensus on the issue seemed evident in Dutch society, drug problems and drug policy have again become more prominent on the political agenda and in the public consciousness. Debates and reports on the issue abound in the Dutch parliament, the mass media and in international exchanges within the European Community.

The Construction of Democracy
The Johns Hopkins University Press
Jorge I. Dominguez and Anthony Jones
How should democracies balance the hopes and constraints of their societies with the architecture of their constitutions and institutions to secure freedom, promote citizenship, and foster prosperity? In The Construction of Democracy, leading scholars from seven different countries-and key decision makers from eight-come together to analyze the dimensions of democratic design and draw not only practical but feasible recommendations.

Power and Security in Northeast Asia
Lynne Rienner Publishers, Inc.
Byung-Kook Kim and Anthony Jones
This book began with a conference on “Peace, Development, and Regionalization in East Asia” cosponsored by the East Asia Institute in Seoul and the Gorbachev Foundation of North America in Boston. Since then, the project has evolved and gone through substantial revisions and additions. We would like to thank the sponsors of the conference for their support of the project; the chairman of the East Asia Institute, Lee Hong-Koo, and the chairman of the Gorbachev Foundation of North America, George J. Matthews, for their personal interest and inspiration; and the scholars and practitioners who have enriched the project with their comments and suggestions. We also very much appreciate Kim Ha-jeong and Park So-yeong at the East Asia Institute, who assisted us with preparations for the conference and the book.

Serial Killers and Sadistic Murders
Prometheus Books
Jack Levin
After twenty-five years of investigating, analyzing, and interviewing serial killers, their family members, neighbors, and even surviving victims, Jack Levin has become one of the world’s most respected experts on the motivations and modus operandi of dangerous criminals. In this gripping book, he taps his wealth of experience with the criminal mind to offer lessons for law enforcement and the general public about how serial killers think, as well as the conditions under which hideous murders typically occur. These lessons, he hopes, will lead to more effective ways to thwart such crimes in the future.

The Sacrifice
Purdue University Press
Lynda Birke, Arnold Arluke, and Mike Michael
The Sacrifice provides a uniquely detailed account of the sociological context of animal experimentation. Drawing on historical material, media reports and professional debates, interviews with scientists and animal technicians, and ethnographic data from laboratory settings, the authors provide a rich analysis of the complex and changing role of the laboratory animal in the political and scientific culture of the US and UK.

Why We Hate

Prometheus Books
by Jack Levin and Gordana Rabrenovic
In this in-depth look at the most troubling aspect of human nature, Jack Levin, a nationally recognized criminologist, and Gordana Rabrenovic, a respected sociologist, seek to explain why hate exists and offer practical methods for creating a more peaceable society.

Are we born with the tendency to hate, or is it something we learn? Does educating people necessarily reduce hate? Looking at biological, psychological, and cultural factors, Drs. Levin and Rabrenovic investigate the evidence for hate as an inborn trait; as learned behavior; and as a reaction to envy, frustration, or the need for belonging, control, and authority.

Growing The Game
The Globalization of Major League Baseball
Yale University Press
by Alan M. Klein
Growing the Game shows how baseball has been changing in recent years and offers the first detailed look at a sport in the process of globalizing. Alan Klein shows the international activities of individual teams, as well as the overall strategies of the Commissioner’s Office, and examines the ways in which Major League Baseball operates on a world stage.

The Politics of Sexual Harassment

A Comparative Study of the United States, the European Union, and Germany
Cambridge University Press
by Kathrin Zippel
Sexual harassment, in particular in the workplace, is a controversial topic which often makes headline news. What accounts for the cross-national variation in laws, employer policies, and implementation of policies dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace? Why was the United States on the forefront of policy and legal solutions, and how did this affect politicization of sexual harassment in the European Union and its member states? Exploring the way sexual harassment has become a global issue, Kathrin Zippel draws on the theories of comparative feminist policy, gender and welfare state regimes, and social movements to explore the distinct paths that the United States, European Union and its member stats, specifically Germany, have embarked on to address the issue. This comparison provides invaluable insights on the role of transnational movements in combating sexual harassment, and on future efforts to implement the European Union Directive of 2002.