Women’s Studies Dissertations


Colleen Keaney-Mischel
Bridging the Gap: The Role of Gender Advisers in Implementing United Nations Gender Mainstreaming Policy in Peacekeeping Operation
Phyllis Brashler
Flirting with Feminism: The State and the Battered Women’s Movement in Massachusetts
Yndia Lorick-Wilmot
The Role of Social Organizations in Black Ethnic Identity Construction of Post-1965 Caribbean Immigrants in Brooklyn, New York


Jennifer Fagen
A Masculinist Discourse of Women’s Sexuality: A Feminist Analysis


Ingrid Castro
Of Color Bright: Interracial Friendships in the Lives of Young College Women


Jodi Cohen
The Successes and Limitations of Single-Sex Math Classrooms in American Public Schools


Shoba Gurung
Women in Factory-Based and Home-Based Carpet Production in Nepal: Beyond the Formal and Informal Economy
Sheila Mehta-Green
An Analysis of the Intrinsic and Extrinsic Banners that Affect the Advancement of Women Managers in the High Tech Industry


Claudia Mora
The Meaning of Womanhood in Chile: Virgin, Mother, Worker?
Christine Griffin
Women and Politics: When the Gender Gap in Public Opinion Changes
Dena Wittman
All that Glitters is Sure to Fade: A Gendered Analysis of Work and Culture in the Dockside Gaming Industry


Lisa Steriti DiGianni
Factors Associated with Smoking Status and Birth Outcomes Among Low-Income Pregnant Women: A Social Policy Perspective
Lorna Rivera
Learning Community: An Ethnographic Study of Popular Education and Homeless Women in a Shelter-Based Adult Literacy Program
Karen Lischinsky
Men at Work, at Home and in the World: A Case Study of Grocery Night Crew Workers