Environment and Health

The Environment and Health

The Environment and Health concentration focuses on issues ranging from climate change, environmental justice, and resource depletion to issues centering on racial and ethnic disparities in health, societal responses to mental health problems, and the relation between health problems and toxic chemicals. Following requisite coursework, students in this area can elect to take comprehensive examinations in Environmental Sociology or the Sociology of Health and Illness. The concentration adopts a broadly critical approach toward social, political and cultural sources of illness and environmental crises. As such, courses address issues relating to political apparatuses, the political-economy of the environment, and social movements (especially as they bear on conceptions of illness and health care regimes).

Affiliated Sociology Faculty:
Len Albright, Jr.
Phil Brown
Danny Faber
Tom Koenig
Alisa Lincoln
Laura Senier
Sara Wylie

Sample Electives

Mindful of the close relation between the environment and health, students pursuing either comprehensive examination can choose from a flexible list of courses, including:

SOCL 7267 Contested Environmental Illnesses
SOCL 7287 Social Movements in Health
SOCL 7230 Political Ecology of Global Capitalism
SOCL 7243 Sociology of Health and Illness
SOCL 7219 Sociology of Mental Health and Illness
SOCL 7254 Social Movements
SOCL 7235 Urban Sociology
Sociology of Environmental Justice
Environmental Sociology
Environmental Justice
Community Environmental Monitoring
Community-Based Research Methods in Environmental Health

Affiliated Centers

Northeastern Environmental Justice Research Collaborative (NEJRC)
Social Science Environmental Health Research Institute (SSEHRI)
Northeastern University Institute on Urban Health Research (IUHR)
Northeastern University Ethics Institute