Chris Cook (2007 major in Sociology) Named Principal

From time to time, we feature stories about our recent alumni and the career paths they have blazed, whether in business, public policy, the non-profit world, or education. In this vein, we are pleased to broadcast (read: boast about) the recent accomplishments of Chris Cook, a 2007 major in sociology, who was recently named Principal of the Community Charter School of Cambridge, a 7th-12th grade preparatory school with a distinguished history. Chris has longstanding experience as a teacher, and has already demonstrated an exemplary vision regarding the contours of educational institutions today. Congratulations to Chris!

For a detailed story on Chris’s career at CCSC, point your browser here. Chris’s ambitious vision for charter schools has come to the attention of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, which featured his work in a recent article (which can be found here).

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