Matthew Hunt


Professor and Chair
Ph.D., Indiana University, 1998

Phone: 617-373-4997
Office: 505 Holmes Hall

Personal Homepage:

Areas of Research/Interest:

• Social Stratification
• Social Psychology
• Racial and Ethnic Relations
• Religion

Selected Publications

Matthew O. Hunt and David C. Wilson. “Race/ethnicity, Perceived Discrimination, and Beliefs about the Meaning of an Obama Presidency.” Du Bois Review, 6:173-192, 2009.

Matthew O. Hunt, Larry L. Hunt and William W. Falk. “Who is Headed South? U.S. Migration Trends in Black and White, 1970-2000.” Social Forces, 87: 95-120, 2000.

Matthew O. Hunt, Lauren A. Wise, Marie-Claude Jipguep, Yvette C. Cozier, and Lynn Rosenberg. “Neighborhood Racial Composition and Perceptions of Racial Discrimination: Evidence from the Black Women’s Health Study.” Social Psychology Quarterly, 70: 272-289, 2007.

Matthew O. Hunt. “African-American, Hispanic, and White beliefs about Black/White Inequality, 1977-2004.” American Sociological Review, 72: 390-415, 2007.

Matthew O. Hunt. “Race/Ethnicity and Beliefs about Wealth and Poverty.” Social Science Quarterly, 85: 827-853, 2007.

Matthew O. Hunt. “Religion, Race/Ethnicity, and Beliefs about Poverty.” Social Science Quarterly, 83: 810-831, 2002.

Matthew O. Hunt and Larry L. Hunt. “Race, Region, and Religion: A Comparison of White and African-American Church Attendance.” Social Forces, 80: 605-631, 2001.

Matthew O. Hunt, Pamela Braboy Jackson, Brian Powell, and Lala Carr Steelman. “Color-blind: The Treatment of Race and Ethnicity in Social Psychology.” Social Psychology Quarterly, 63: 352-364, 2000.

External Affiliations:

• American Sociological Association (ASA)
• Elected Member, Council, Social Psychology Section (ASA), 2007-2010.
• Editorial Board, Social Psychology Quarterly, 2005-08.

Courses Taught Undergraduate:

• SOCL 1101 Introduction to Sociology
• SOCL 2320 Statistical Analysis in Sociology
• SOCL 2321 Research Methods in Sociology

Courses Taught Graduate:

• SOCL 7210 Statistical Methods for Sociology
• SOCL 7211 Introduction to Research Methods
• SOCL 7257 Race and Ethnic Relations
• SOCL 7263 Social Psychology of Stratification
• SOCL 7673 Master’s Paper in Sociology