Alan Klein

Professor of Sociology-Anthropology
Ph.D., SUNY Buffalo

Phone: 617-373-4985
Office: 215G Renaissance Park
CV: Download as PDF

Areas of Research/Interest:

• Sport
• Globalization
• Political-Economy

Selected Publications

2014   DOMINICAN BASEBALL: New Pride, Old Prejudice. Temple University Press.

2011 “Chain reaction: Neoliberal exceptions to global commodity chains in Dominican baseball.” International Review for the Sociology of Sport. Vol.46(1).

2010  Sport Labour Migration as a Global Value Chain: The Dominican Case, [In: Sport and Migration. Editors, Joseph Maguire and Mark Falcous], London: Routledge.

2009  “The Transnational View of Sport and Social Development: The Case of Dominican Baseball.” Sport in Society. Vol.12(9):1118-1132.

2008  AMERICAN SPORT: An Anthropological Perspective. Routledge.

2006  GROWING THE GAME: The Globalization of Major League Baseball. Yale University Press.


Courses Taught Undergraduate:

• ANTH 1101 Peoples and Cultures | Syllabi
• ANTH 2365 Sport, Culture, and Society | Syllabi
• ANTH 4505 Native North Americans | Syllabi
• ANTH 4600 Senior Seminar Cultural Anthropology