Ineke Marshall

Professor of Sociology
Ph.D., Bowling Green State University

Phone: 617-373-4988
Office: 539 Holmes Hall
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Areas of Research/Interest:

Professor Marshall has a joint appointment in Sociology and Criminal Justice. She specializes in the study of comparative criminology, ethnicity and crime, self-report methodology, juvenile delinquency and criminal careers. Her current research focuses on cross-national surveys of juvenile delinquency and comparative examination of homicide. She is a member of the Steering Committee of the International Self-Report Study of Delinquency (ISRD-2), an international collaborative study with participants from 30 European countries and North America. She serves on the editorial board of several international and national journals. Professor Marshall serves as the American Society of Criminology Lead Liaison to the United Nations.

Selected Publications

Ineke Haen Marshall and Rebecca Carolyn Block. “Maximizing the Quality of Cross-National Data on Levels of Violence.” Homicide Studies, 8.3: 267-310 (2004).

J. Junger-Tas, I. Haen Marshall and D. Ribeaud, with M. Killias, Ni He, Christopher E. Marshall, M. Bjorn, U. Gatti. Delinquency in an International Perspective: The International Self-Report Delinquency Study (Criminal Justice Press, Monsey, USA and Kugler Publication, the Hague, the Netherlands, 2003).

Ineke Haen Marshall. “The Criminological Enterprise in Europe and the United States: A Contextual Exploration.” European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research 9: 235-257 (2001).

Ineke Haen Marshall (Editor). “Minorities and Crime: Diversity and Similarity Across Europe and the United States.” (Sage Publications, 1997).

Courses Taught Undergraduate:

• SOCL 3406 Class, Crime and The Legal System | Syllabi