Gordana Rabrenovic

Associate Professor of Sociology and Education
Associate Director of the Brudnick Center on Violence and Conflict

Ph.D., State University of New York at Albany

Phone: 617-373-4998
Office: 571 Holmes Hall
Email: g.rabrenovic@neu.edu
CV: Download as PDF

Brudnick Center Homepage: http://www.violence.neu.edu/

Areas of Research/Interest:

• Urban Sociology
• Social Organizations
• Conflict and Violence

Selected Publications

Gordana Rabrenovic. Why We Hate (2004).

Gordana Rabrenovic. The American Behavioral Scientist Special Issue on Hate Crimes and Ethnic Conflict (2001).

Gordana Rabrenovic. Community Politics and Policy (1999).

Gordana Rabrenovic. Community Builders: A Tale of Neighborhood Mobilization in Two Cities (1996).

External Affiliations:

Graduate Consortium of Women Studies

Courses Taught Undergraduate:

• SOCL 1247 Urban Social Problems | Syllabi
• SOCL 3440 Sociology of Human Service Organizations |  Syllabi
• HNR U301 Gender, Conflict and Militarism | Syllabi

Courses Taught Graduate:

• SOCL 7238 Sociology of Education
• SOCL 7251 Community Analysis