Liza Weinstein

Assistant Professor of Sociology
Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2009

Phone: 617-373-4274
Office: 215M Renaissance Park
CV: Download as PDF

Areas of Research/Interest:

• Urban sociology
• Globalization studies
• Political economy
• Political sociology
• International development
• South Asia

Selected Publications

The book’s website is

Weinstein, Liza (2014) The Durable Slum: Dharavi and the Right to Stay Put in Globalizing Mumbai. University of Minnesota Press (Globalization and Community Series), in press. (Expected April 1, 2014)

Weinstein, Liza (2014) “‘One-Man Handled’: Fragmented Power and Political Entrepreneurship in Globalizing Mumbai,” International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 38(1): 14-35, 2014. (Early view posted online, October 2013)

  • Version also published in G. Shatkin (ed.) Contesting the Indian City: Global Visions and Politics of the Local. New York: Wiley-Blackwell (Studies in Urban and Social Change), 2013, pp. 91-120.

Weinstein, Liza (2013) “Demolition and Dispossession: Toward an Understanding of State Violence in Millennial Mumbai,” Studies in Comparative International Development, Special Issue on Cities, Violence and Development in the Global South, 48(3): 285-307.

Weinstein, Liza, Neha Sami, and Gavin Shatkin (2013) “Contested Developments: Enduring Legacies and Emergent Political Actors in Contemporary Urban India.” In G. Shatkin (ed.) Contesting the Indian City: Global Visions and Politics of the Local. New York: Wiley-Blackwell (Studies in Urban and Social Change), pp. 39-64.

Ren, Xuefei and Liza Weinstein (2013) “Urban Mega-Projects and Scalar Transformations in China and India.” In T. Samara, H. Shenjing and G. Chen  (eds.) Locating Right to the City in the Global South. London: Routledge, pp. 107-126.

Weinstein, Liza and Tarini Bedi (2012) “Building Politics: Gender and Political Power in Globalizing Mumbai.” In Dasgupta, Driskell, Braun and Yeates (eds.) Women’s Encounters with Globalization. Kolkata: FrontPage Publications, pp. 157-173.

Weinstein, Liza (2010) “‘Slum Free Mumbai’ and other Entrepreneurial Strategies in the Making of Mumbai’s Global Downtown.” In M. Peterson and G. McDonogh (eds.) Global Downtowns. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, pp. 234-257.

Weinstein, Liza (2009) “Democracy in the Globalizing Indian City: Engagements of Political Society and the State in Globalizing Mumbai,” Politics & Society, 37(3): 397-427.

  • Version also published in R. Desai and R. Sanyal (eds.) Urbanizing Citizenship: Contested Spaces in Indian Cities. New Delhi: Sage Publications India, 2011, pp. 58-81.

Weinstein, Liza and Xuefei Ren (2009) “The Changing Right to the City: Urban Renewal and Housing Rights in Globalizing Shanghai and Mumbai,” City & Community, 8(4): 407-432.

Weinstein, Liza (2008) “Mumbai’s Development Mafias: Organized Crime, Land Development, and Globalization,” International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 32(1): 22-39.

  • Co-recipient of the American Sociological Association Political Sociology Section’s Best Graduate Student Paper Award.
  • Version also published in D. Nelken and S. Karstedt (eds.) Crime and Globalization. Surrey, UK: Ashgate Publishing, 2013.

External Affiliations:

• American Sociological Association (Sections on Community & Urban Sociology Section, Sociology of Development, and Political Sociology)

Courses Taught Undergraduate:

  • ANTH 2305 Global Markets Local Cultures | Syllabi
  • SOCL 3455 Seminar in Urban Sociology | Syllabi
  • ANTH 4515 Anthropology of South Asia | Syllabi

Courses Taught Graduate:

• SOCL 7235 Urban Sociology | Syllabi
• SOCL 7256 Globalization and the City | Syllabi