Winifred Breines

Professor Emeritus of Sociology
Ph.D., Brandeis University




Areas of Research/Interest:

• Social Movements
• Feminism
• The 1960s
• Gender
• Family

Selected Publications

Winifred Breines. The Trouble Between Us: An Uneasy History of White and Black Women in the Feminist Movement (Oxford University Press).

Winifred Breines, co-editor. Takin’ it to the Streets: A Sixties Reader (Oxford University Press).

Winifred Breines. Young, White, and Miserable: Growing Up Female in the Fifties (University of Chicago Press).

Winifred Breines. “What’s Love Got to Do With It? White Women, Black Women, and Feminism in the Movement Years.” Signs 27.4, 2002.

Courses Taught Undergraduate:

• SOCL 1268 Social Movement of the 1960s
• SOCL 4520 Race, Class, and Gender
• SOCL 3402 Feminist Perspectives on Society

Courses Taught Graduate:

• SOCL 7202 Feminist Theory
• SOCL 7248 Race, Class, and Gender