Updated 8.12.13

Policy on Smoke-Free Campus

[Download a PDF of the Smoke-Free Campus Policy]

I. Policy

Smoking of any tobacco products is prohibited at Northeastern University, consistent with applicable law.

II. Purpose and Scope

Northeastern University strives to provide a safe and healthy environment in which to teach, learn, research, live, and work.  The University recognizes that smoking is a major cause of preventable disease, and accordingly in 2012 convened a committee to explore whether and how the University might implement a smoke-free campus policy.   Having received the committee’s recommendation, after extensive input from the community, the University has concluded that a smoke-free campus is consistent with the University’s mission and purpose; will promote individual and community health; and will recognize employees’ right to work in a smoke-free workplace.This policy applies to all persons, including all students, faculty, staff, volunteers, vendors and visitors, anywhere on University property and in buildings and facilities on all campuses, including parking lots, green spaces, and pedestrian walkways.

III. Definitions

For purposes of this policy:Northeastern University shall mean all locations, campuses, buildings and outdoor areas owned and/or operated by the University.

IV. Additional Information 

It is the responsibility of all members of the community to comply with this policy, and it is expected that both smokers and nonsmokers will cooperate in the implementation of the policy in an atmosphere of mutual respect and consideration.  All members of the University community are encouraged to promote compliance with this policy by reminding students, faculty, staff, volunteers, vendors and visitors of the prohibition of smoking at Northeastern University, as necessary.  Violations by faculty or staff may be reported to the individual’s supervisor and, if needed, steps may be taken consistent with other policies. Violations by students may be reported to the Office for Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution for potential further action. 

Consistent with applicable law, appropriate signage will be placed throughout Northeastern University indicating the University’s prohibition of smoking.  Such signage or the lack thereof shall not limit or otherwise impact the applicability or scope of this policy.Students, faculty and staff will be provided with information and educational materials about the health and safety concerns related to smoking, as well as resources to aid in smoking cessation.  

For information on the reporting of violations of this policy, please visit www.northeaestern.edu/smokefree.  Violations of this policy within a University workplace in Boston may also be reported to the Boston Public Health Commission at (617) 534-4718.More information may be found at www.northeastern.edu/smokefree

V. Contact Information

Office of Environmental Health and Safety, (617) 373-2769. 
Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution, (617) 373-4390.
University Health and Counseling Services, (617) 373-2772.
Northeastern University Public Safety Division, (617) 373-2121.