Semester in Silicon Valley

The entrepreneurship team will be in touch with all students who submitted an inquire form within two weeks of the submission. All students will be contacted to provide additional information about their interest in the program. Space is limited for this program and inquiries will be reviewed first come first serve. In the meantime, all students should register for their Fall 2017 classes as planned.

Study Entrepreneurship
with Design Thinking in Silicon Valley

Registration Opens April 10 - and space is limited!

It’s that time again – you’re heading into the spring and you’re about to embark on your next adventure. Where will you go, and what experiences will you have?  You’ve already made the choice of a dynamic education, real world experiences, and vibrant city living by choosing Northeastern—now we want to give you a brand new opportunity to accomplish your goals through a Semester in Silicon Valley.

The D’Amore-McKim School of Business and Northeastern’s  Professional Advancement Network (PAN) are proud to announce an exciting new undergraduate entrepreneurship program through  a Semester in Silicon Valley.  This unique opportunity will allow you to explore the breadth of design thinking—a human-centered approach to innovation that integrates the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.

Fill out the above form and contact your academic advisor to learn more about the program and discuss your personalized plan

All undergraduates from all colleges (excluding CPS) are eligible! DMSB students can complete their Entrepreneurship Concentration through the program; while, non-DMSB students need to take one course in Boston, and then complete the Entrepreneurship Minor.


Program Structure

Fall 2017: September 6, 2017 –December 15, 2017
Spring 2018: January 8, 2018 – April 28, 2108

Semester in Silicon Valley will provide you with a unique approach to your education, as you complete the program in a three-pronged method.

The Semester in Silicon Valley is an opportunity available to students enrolled in Northeastern University’s Boston-based programs. Following the Semester in Silicon Valley, students return to their program in its usual format and location to complete their academic requirements.

Academics: Choose from a number of courses that will enable you to tailor your time in Silicon Valley. DMSB Concentrators and non-DMSB Minors must take ENTR 2301 on campus in Boston. We encourage students to take ENTR2301: Innovation!,  before embarking on the Semester in Silicon Valley program—sections of ENTR2301 are offered in the Fall, Spring, Summer 1, and Summer 2.  If you cannot take that ENTR2301 beforehand, you can take it after returning from Silicon Valley in order to complete the minor. Alternately, you can take or may have already taken a substitute course on the Boston campus from within your own home college. Please check with your advisor.

To be offered in Silicon Valley:

ENTR2303: Entrepreneurial Marketing and Selling
ENTR3330: Lean Design and Development for Entrepreneurs
ENTR3305: Entrepreneurial Strategy and Business Model Design
ENTR4501: Business Planning for Technology Ventures

Independent Study: You can apply for an independent study, including an internship from amongst a list of participating companies. This independent work will build upon the foundations provided to you in the classroom.

Final Project: Your Semester in Silicon Valley experience will culminate in a final project, pulling from your experiences inside and outside of the classroom. The final project will vary, and will include custom designed options, such as building a business plan or submitting a project proposal.

Extracurricular and Experiential Student Activities

Semester in Silicon Valley is highly experiential, and encourages a human-centric approach to entrepreneurship. While living in the Bay Area, you’ll experience professional life in Silicon Valley by working closely with start-ups, meeting with investors, learning from CEOs, and exploring the industry through unique extracurricular activities. There will be an on-the-ground Program Manager who will coordinate these activities and provide support.
As a student in this program, you will have the opportunity to take part in the following—and more:

  • Founder Breakfasts, where company founders will share their experiences in starting companies
  • Weekend Hacks, featuring problem-solving activities through collaboration
  • Tech Treks, including day trips to local companies and startups
  • Pitch Nights, where students in the program can present and discuss their work
  • Social events hosted regularly throughout the semester

Outside of your program, you will also have all of the Bay Area at your fingertips!  Spend your weekends exploring the cable cars, the bay, endless neighborhoods and nearby cities such as Napa Valley and Sonoma.

How to Register

1.  Fill out our above information form.

2.  Pay the $1,500 program fee which covers all experiential and extracurricular activities in the program.

Silicon Valley and the Northeastern Network

The Northeastern network comes with a series of opportunities aimed at increasing your competitiveness in the job market—and this collaboration between the Professional Advancement Network, the D’Amore- McKim School of Business, and the Silicon Valley campus is aimed at helping you to achieve those goals by giving you the ability to gain more from your education. As a participant, you will grow and nurture your network on the West Coast. You will engage with local Northeastern alumni and co-op students in the San Francisco and Silicon Valley areas to provide you with an “insider’s view” of this culture. Francisco and Silicon Valley areas to provide you with an “insider’s view” of this culture. Even though your academic program originates in Boston, you will have the Northeastern Silicon Valley campus as a resource. And, should you want to return to this area later on in your career, you will have established a presence and a network there that you can directly tap into for career goals, lifelong learning, or wherever your future may take you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work on my own venture during the semester?
Yes, this will be an excellent opportunity to work on your venture within the umbrella of IDEA’s venture incubation services. We will provide access to mentors in SV from amongst the alums and friends of the university who are working there.

Who will I meet when I am out there?
You will meet young alums who graduated recently and can tell you all about life in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. You will meet alums and friends of the university who will welcome you to the community and offer your advice. You will also meet with corporate as well as startup CEO’s, VC, and other innovators in the California Bay area.

How frequently will I be in Silicon Valley for events?
We will be making regular trips to visit Silicon Valley companies to gain a better understanding of the Silicon Valley ecosystem. We will have a CEO breakfast series that will feature leaders of industry in the valley.

What classes should I register for, because I have taken an entrepreneurship class?
Contact your advisor to determine which classes you have left to complete your entrepreneurship minor or concentration.

Am I getting an entrepreneurship concentration, minor or certificate?
If you are a student in the D’Amore-McKim School of Business you will be earning an entrepreneurship concentration. Any other Northeastern student will be earning an entrepreneurship minor. We are currently not offering an entrepreneurship certificate.

Can I do an independent project or an internship?
Students will have the opportunity to apply for independent projects for academic credit, including internships. We are developing a list of companies who will offer internships.

How much will this cost?
You will pay tuition for the courses that you register for. In addition, you will incur housing and living costs in the Bay Area.  Northeastern can assist you in finding housing in the area for the semester.  Also, there is a Program Fee of $1,500 to cover the cost of local excursions, company visits, networking events, pitch sessions, receptions etc.  The Program Fee includes a non-refundable deposit of $500.

Can you help me find housing?
Please contact Sonya Cottam at the Co-op Connections office for questions related to housing and relocation to the San Francisco area. The Co-op Connections staff has a variety of student housing resources in San Francisco to share with you, as well as the ability to connect you with students who have lived and worked in the area. In addition to providing housing assistance, they can also connect you with other students looking for roommates and/or housing to share. Please contact Sonya Cottam, or 617-373-7492, for more information or to set up an appointment.

If you have other questions and need more information, send us an email.