Semester in Silicon Valley Programs

Northeastern’s global university 2025 vision embraces an interconnected network of campus nodes, people and communities. The Semester in Silicon Valley Program is a pioneer in this space establishing a successful cohort in Fall 2017. This bi-coastal experience for our students includes core institutional values of experiential learning, entrepreneurship and partnerships with industry.  Now in the second offering of this program, Northeastern expands upon this vision and grow the suite of offerings to meet the needs of students at Northeastern and in new communities with additional programming and flexible formats.

Here are the programs offered for undergraduate students that are interested in spending a semester in the Bay Area.  Click on the program to learn more.

Summer Program (May 7 – June 22)
Experience Design Immersion Studio & Entrepreneurship | 8 weeks

Fall and Spring Programs
Semester in Silicon Valley:  Fall 2018 | 15 weeks
Semester in Silicon Valley:  Spring 2019 | 15 weeks

Experience Design Immersion Studio & Entrepreneurship (Summer 2018 | 8 weeks)

The Experience Design Immersion Studio & Entrepreneurship program offers students a hands-on opportunity in experience design approaches that focus on the quality of the human experience using concrete real-world challenges. The immersive program gives students the chance to work on team-based design projects that focus on the user experience to develop innovative products and services. This program offers two courses over an 8-week Summer 1 session.

ARTG 3462. Experience Design 1
ENTR4501: Business Planning for Technology Ventures

This unique opportunity will allow you to explore entrepreneurship California style—the business planning and venture finance needed for success—plus, learn how to apply design thinking to create powerful innovations. You will rub shoulders with the start-up community in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.


Semester in Silicon Valley ( Fall 2018 and  Spring 2019  |  15 weeks )

Semester in Silicon Valley is highly experiential, and encourages a human-centric approach to entrepreneurship. While living in the Bay Area, you’ll experience professional life in San Francisco by working closely with startups, meeting with investors, learning from CEOs, and exploring the industry through unique extracurricular activities. As a student in this program, you will have the opportunity to take part in the following—and more:

> Founder Breakfasts, where company founders will share their experiences in starting companies
> Tech Treks, including day trips to local companies and startups
> Pitch Nights, where students in the program can present and discuss their work
> Social events hosted regularly throughout the semester