Events & Info Sessions


The Clinical Utilization of Cannabinoid Containing Compounds in the US

5:00 pm - 7:00 pmWeWork 600 California Street, 20th floor, San Francisco, CA

Although cannabis is now legal in many US States both for medicinal and recreational use, the regulations governing the marketing, distribution, and use of cannabis within these two spheres are quite different. This regulatory difference is likely to have profound implications for the way that these markets evolve going forward....

Women’s Health: Driving Innovation and Cultural Change

5:00pm-7:00pm PSTCalifornia Life Science Association 701 Gateway Boulevard, Suite 440, South San Francisco, CA 94080

Women’s Health: Driving Innovation and Cultural Change Right now, across the globe, incredible and amazing women are busy shattering glass ceilings, disrupting huge industries, and blazing new trails. We often hear about these women when they have overcome a perceptibly insurmountable challenge, but as a society, we need to view...