The Michael J. and Ann Sherman Center for Engineering Entrepreneurship Education

We empower students to bridge the gap between a traditional engineering education to multiple exciting pathways in innovation and entrepreneurship.

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REV is an exciting mentoring program that seeks to guide engineers through the Northeastern University entrepreneurial ecosystem toward venture creation. By connecting entrepreneurial engineers with engineering alumni, REV envisions a robust entrepreneurial engineer community that is prepared to pursue venture creation with confidence and a high level of skill.

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Our minor is designed for the technology-minded entrepreneur who seeks to understand disciplinary fundamentals, assess market needs, create technologies, and determine how to manufacture solutions sustainably and economically.  The course requirements for the minor are designed to incorporate both engineering elements and creative elements, along with market and societal considerations.

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Hardware Hackathon!

Generate and Wireless Club are excited to host our first-ever Hardware Hackathon: Club Snell Edition. While you’re slaving away over research papers and group projects at the lib, start brainstorming for Snell hacks that could make our lives a little easier. Whether it’s a headcounter for each floor or a tool that locates the nearest open printer to you, this is the weekend to bring your most creative and craziest ideas to life!

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