SfN ’14 Networking Session with Dr. Shansky

Dr. Shansky is teaming up with Dr. Mark Baxter of the Glickenhaus Laboratory of Neuropsychology at Mount Sinai to lead the networking session: “Successful Career Advancement Through Networking: Is It Who You Know?”. “Networking can have a powerful effect on a scientist’s career trajectory. Presenters will share tips and advice for successful networking, as well as vignettes […]

“What Lights My Fire” Talk

Becca has been invited to participate in a Ted-style lecture about what fuels her passion for neuroscience! It’s free and open to the public.   “What Lights My Fire THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30 AT 6:00PM WEST VILLAGE F, 20 Hear our leading researchers describe the dreams that fuel their passion for science and discovery. TED-style talks by: […]

3Qs: Gender balance in biomedical research

Earlier this week, Dr. Shansky was interviewed by Northeastern News about the NIH’s new policy that requires all research to be gender balanced. She discusses her perspective on what it means for researchers and how it could effect the field. “Biomedical research often leads to drug development, but if that drug has only been tested in male […]