Student Reflections

Students quoted in the first group below engaged in Service-Learning through HNR U206 Inquiries in Science and Technology: The Microbial World with the Fenway Health Center and AIDS Action Committee.

"I've never had a class quite like this before.  It's amazing to think how much a small class of 20ish students can make a large impact in the community."

“This course has made me more aware of the news and world-related concepts, and S-L has forced me to take my first step outside of my ‘safe’ zone in the city.”

“This course has been one of my favorite classes so far, it has allowed me to greatly expand my knowledge of both microbes and the HIV/AIDS pandemic and how it effects the people of Boston.”

“I tend to live a sheltered life, so I feel being a member of VIP Crew has forced me to get out into a community I wouldn’t typically be a part of, and that makes me be more prepared to be able to educate those around me.”

“I think that the service-learning has been a valuable part of this class without a doubt. At first I was skeptical and worried about having to do service for class but at this point it has showed me a side of the Boston community I may not have been faced with and also place an identity onto the issue of AIDS and HIV.”

"I think it's really awesome that this class will let us get out into the community and really make a difference using what we learn..."

Students quoted below engaged in Service-Learning through CMN U230 Interpersonal Communication and CMN U533 Consultation Skills with  Peace Games, Boston Living Center, Rosie’s Place, Hyde Square Task Force and Hope Found.

“Service-learning and training projects were absolutely the best way for me to get a real understanding of what goes on in a consulting engagement.”

“The service-learning component of the class was extremely beneficial.  It was the most valuable class project I have ever had because it wasn’t the virtual or hypothetical – it was real life ‘hands on’ experience – the most effective way to learn.”

“Volunteering with Peace Games at the Tobin School in Roxbury gave me more than just an opportunity to apply course concepts and materials to real life experiences, it gave me the opportunity to learn a little bit about myself, and to give back to the community as well...I enjoyed volunteering with Peace Games so much that I have every intention of continuing to volunteer with the program when I return for classes in the fall.”

“I have started to think about my next co-op, and I keep leaning towards job descriptions that are a lot like what we did in our service learning project. I know I complained about how much work class was, but in the end I did realize just how much I learned, and how much the experience taught me. So I just wanted to thank you. (I'm sure you get that a lot!) I'm glad that when I apply to these jobs, I'll have an inkling of what I'm getting myself into.”