Best Practices

Service-Learning Best Practices: Advice for Students Serving with Community-Based Organizations
Resource Purpose: to assist student service-learners in gaining the most out of their service-learning experience, while also establishing and maintating professionalism in the community. Contents include: communication and email etiquette, preparing for orientation and service, commitment and responsibility, absences from service, tips for serving, safety, concluding your service commitment, and more.

Service-Learning Best Practices: Orientations with Community Partners (PDF)
Resource Purpose: to ensure students gain the most out of the partner's orientation so that they can effectively contribute to the organization. 

myNEU Service Time Logs (new!)
Starting in fall 2013 all S-L students will track their service hours through myNEU!  
to provide information to supporters and funders of the S-L program and associated community partners, and to confirm student participation in required service activities with designated community partner.