What information do you need to know from my organization?

  • An outline of the service role and anticipated outcomes
  • Number of students you would like to host and days/times of service (for direct service partnerships)
  • Name and contact information for a primary supervisor
  • Any requirements for students (e.g. volunteer application, CORI/SORI check, specific skills, TB test, ect.)

For more details, please visit the Become a Partner section of our website and review our Request for Partnerships (RFP process).

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Do I have to take all the students in the group at once?

No. We prefer to have two or more students from a given course serve with the same organization so that they have a shared experience, but they can gain some of that through their in-class reflection; it does not need to happen on site. We are interested in meeting your needs, not adding to your work.

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Do we need to provide the students with work, computer or other space?

That depends on whether their service role requires space or equipment, and if their service needs to be done on-site or if they can use their own/University's equipment on their own time off-site.

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Will you (NU) provide the students with CORI checks?

No, we are not able to provide that to our students. If this is something that your organization requires of its volunteers, then we simply ask that you facilitate that same process for our students as you would for any volunteer coming through your organization.

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Am I/we supposed to help them with their concepts from the class?

You are not required to. However, we believe that a valuable part of the partnership involves students' ability to see how they can learn from the individual community partner (staff or clients) as much as the experience "in" the community. For students to hear your perspective on these concepts or learn about any additional information with respect to issues your organization addresses would be beneficial to both their academic learning and their ability to appreciate their service more effectively.

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Do I get to interview or choose the students I want to serve with us?

In the intrest of saving time, we would prefer to place them. But, if personal interviews are very important to you and this role, we can make arrangements as necessary on a case-by-case basis.

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