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Current & Ongoing
Research Projects


Website and Journal Resources on Service-Learning and Community-Based Learning:

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Current & Ongoing Research Projects

  • Julie Miller, Francis Griffin, and Becca Berkey are exploring the impact of service-learning on Pathway Program's students' professional development. (
  • Gail Begley, Hilary Schuldt, Becca Berkey, and Lisa Roe are exploring how an undergraduate teaching assistant (S-LTA Program) may affect a faculty member's decision to utilize service-learning.
  • Julie Miller and Lisa Roe are exploring gains in intercultural competencies of student leaders supporting international students.
  • Lori Gardinier and Emily Mann are embarking on a longitudinal study of Northeastern's Civic Engagement Program students.
  • Becca Berkey, Barak Soreff, Dan McKenna, Donna Owens (of United South End Settlements), and Lisa Roe are examining the multi-faceted nature of university program-community organization partnerships to identify key dimensions for creating naturally evolving and mutually beneficial partnerships.

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NU Faculty, Staff, Community Partner, & Student Poster Presentations



  • Begley, G. (2013). Mapping Experiential Learning to Core Concepts and Skills in Biology. Northeastern University Service-Learning EXPO.
  • Berkey, R., Griffin, F., and Miller, J. (2013). Coming to America: Introducing Service-Learning to ESL Students through Global Experience. Northeastern University Service-Learning EXPO.
  • Gardinier, L. and Mann, E. (2013). Can Service-Learning Experiences Change Poverty Attributions among Students? Northeastern University Service-Learning EXPO.
  • Golub-Victor, A. and Pflug, J. (2013). Making Connections: Use of Service-Learning in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Curriculum to Promote Professional Skill Development. Northeastern University Service-Learning EXPO.


  • Barros, C., Gardinier, L,. Mann, E., and McCarthy, R. (2012). Campus-Community Partnership: Exploring Impacts and Outcomes for Youth in an Intensive After School Program. Northeastern University Service-Learning EXPO.
  • Begley, G. and Minnig, M. (2012). First-Year Life Science Students Learn Biology by Serving the Community. Northeastern University Service-Learning EXPO.
  • Doggett, K. and Hoffman, J. (2012). Win-Win: A Service-Learning Approach to Training School Psychologists. Northeastern University Service-Learning EXPO.
  • Golub-Victor, A. and Pflug, J. (2012). Making Connections between Class and Community: Service-Learning in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Curriculum. Northeastern University Service-Learning EXPO.

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