S-L Teaching Assistant Program

Faculty members who choose to integrate service-learning into their course are offered the opportunity to be paired with a student leader, aka Service-Learning Teaching Assistant (S-LTA). S-LTAs are trained and supported by the Center of Community Service to assist faculty throughout the service-learning process, including, but not limited to;

  • matching students with service roles and projects
  • mentoring students throughout their service experiences
  • nurturing community partnerships
  • co-facilitating reflection discussions and assignments
  • assisting faculty to assess and evaluate student learning and community partnerships

Faculty members are encouraged to recruit current or former students to serve as their S-LTA. More information, as well as the student application can be found here.

Comments from faculty working with S-LTAs:

"Perhaps most importantly, by managing the S-L relationships so effectively, [my S-LTA] has freed up time for me to focus on enriching the course content so that both the practical and theoretical aspects of the course are stronger this year." -faculty member Rebecca Riccio

"I value the chance to work with S-LTAs. They are so often astute and thoughtful listeners as I process the teaching of the course. I also enjoy the little bit of mentoring support I offer them, since in my case many of them are becoming teachers. We have rich conversations about pedagogy and student-teacher relationships that I beleive benefit us both." -faculty member Polly Attwood

"She is one of the most outstanding S-LTAs we've had. Her skills, insight, and quiet competence makes it an absolute pleasure to work with her. Victoria is a true partner in the class." -faculty member Ann Golub-Victor

"It was a pleasure to work with Liz. She was a support to me in multiple ways, helped me think through some new assignments and was solid in her work with community organizations and the students in the course." -faculty member Greg Goodale

"Alexa...is a very hard worker. From the beginning until the end she demonstrated responsibility and the importance of this service. She is a professional person...[and] put all her effort to create a very effective, engaging, dynamic and successful program." -faculty member Carlos Cruz