“Breaking News: 85 People Own Half the World….”


By Dennis Shaughnessy  The latest story of global inequality comes from Oxfam International this week: 85 people own as much of the world’s wealth has the 3.5 billion poorest people, or the bottom half of the planet. As for inequality in the US:  95% of the income gaps in recent years have gone to the top […]

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Enterprise Feature: REMOTE


By Becky Darling  REMOTE (Reintegration, Education, Mentoring, Opportunity Through Entrepreneurship) is a social business focused on the entrepreneurial education of marginalized populations: incarcerated persons, those transitioning out of prison, and persons transitioning out of homelessness. The program consists of a six-month entrepreneurial education program, followed by a 2–3 month incubator program to get businesses off the […]

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Heart Capital: Impact Investing in the Western Cape

Heart Capital

By Anahi Santoyo  When I was asked to write about my co-op at Heart Capital, an impact investment company based in Cape Town, South Africa, I was very overwhelmed since there were many experiences I wanted to share. Should I start by mentioning the thrilling, fun, and creative work-environment of the organization? Should I give a […]

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A Note of Appreciation for Esther Chou


Hi everyone, By now you may have learned that Esther has decided to pursue her passion and head to California, to start an exciting new position with a social enterprise called Global Citizen Year.  She is heading home and moving up, and while we will all miss her greatly, we’re excited and happy for her […]

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A Northeastern Perspective on the Passing of Madiba


It is the great Madiba’s historic legacy that South Africa is finally a free, democratic and non-discriminatory society. It is up to the next leader of this remarkable country to carry that legacy forward from social justice to economic justice. With social equality comes the expectation for full and complete equality, and the expectation among the millions of poor South Africans is for more and better jobs, and the improved conditions of daily life that follow productive and meaningful work for all.

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Our 2013 Global Social Impact Investing Program


By Dennis Shaughnessy  Impact investing, or investing for both financial return and social impact, is an emerging new interdisciplinary field, and one that we are dedicated to contributing to here at SEI. Our third annual Impact Investing Program event was held on our Boston campus on December 4, 2013.  This program and event are sponsored by SEI, […]

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