A new chapter, a new way of investing.

Aishwarya Bhadouria, August Granath and Marie Michl’s experience in the Global Social Entrepreneurship first year honors inquiry seminar.  The Global Social Entrepreneurship course introduced incoming Freshman Honors students to the concept and importance of social enterprise and promptly put them to work thinking about how they can make the world a better place. We read several […]

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SEI SA first general meeting: Spring 2015!

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Learning From Failure: Tales from a Failed Aquaculture Enterprise in Senegal

Sara Minard

by Sara Minard, PhD. Starting a social enterprise in a low-income country is not hard. There are enough social problems out there to test potential solutions, definitely enough donors who are looking for projects to call their own, and many willing souls interested in serving the poor. The act of beginning a social enterprise, like many entrepreneurial […]

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The Transition Period

A conversation with SEI Alum, Rebecca Willett. Rebecca, tell us, when did you graduate?I graduated in May 2013. We’re eager to know; what have you been doing since then?  The day after graduation, I left for the Dominican Republic to work as a Teaching Assistant for the Social Enterprise Institute’s (SEI) microfinance field study program. One hectic but […]

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Match Impact

by Habib El Magrissy  When Professor Minard announced the $10,000 impact-investing program in the Fall, my first thought was of Egypt. This program seemed like a rare opportunity to use my position as a student at a leading US university to directly impact my home country. I immediately asked if there were any geographical restrictions on where […]

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Why SELMA Matters

by Morgan Adderley Ava DuVernay’s Selma begins with a bang. Literally. Its opening moments seamlessly switch between scenes of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. receiving the Nobel Peace Prize and a brutal bombing which left four little girls dead. The juxtaposition is jarring, and the finesse with which it is handled immediately lets viewers know that […]

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