Leveraging Educational Technologies for Student Achievement


By Olivia Allen Today, sci­ence, tech­nol­ogy, engi­neer­ing and math­e­mat­ics (STEM) are cru­cial fields when it comes to dri­ving inno­va­tion, yet busi­nesses in the United States are find­ing it increas­ingly dif­fi­cult to recruit qual­i­fied STEM employ­ees into their work­force due to a skills gap. Accord­ing to the Gates Foun­da­tion, just 25% of high school grad­u­ates in the …
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“Breaking News: 85 People Own Half the World….”


By Den­nis Shaugh­nessy  The lat­est story of global inequal­ity comes from Oxfam Inter­na­tional this week: 85 peo­ple own as much of the world’s wealth has the 3.5 bil­lion poor­est peo­ple, or the bot­tom half of the planet. As for inequal­ity in the US:  95% of the income gaps in recent years have gone to the top …
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Enterprise Feature: REMOTE


By Becky Dar­ling  REMOTE (Rein­te­gra­tion, Edu­ca­tion, Men­tor­ing, Oppor­tu­nity Through Entre­pre­neur­ship) is a social busi­ness focused on the entre­pre­neur­ial edu­ca­tion of mar­gin­al­ized pop­u­la­tions: incar­cer­ated per­sons, those tran­si­tion­ing out of prison, and per­sons tran­si­tion­ing out of home­less­ness. The pro­gram con­sists of a six-month entre­pre­neur­ial edu­ca­tion pro­gram, fol­lowed by a 2–3 month incu­ba­tor pro­gram to get busi­nesses off the …
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Heart Capital: Impact Investing in the Western Cape

Heart Capital

By Anahi San­toyo  When I was asked to write about my co-op at Heart Cap­i­tal, an impact invest­ment com­pany based in Cape Town, South Africa, I was very over­whelmed since there were many expe­ri­ences I wanted to share. Should I start by men­tion­ing the thrilling, fun, and cre­ative work-environment of the orga­ni­za­tion? Should I give a …
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A Note of Appreciation for Esther Chou


Hi every­one, By now you may have learned that Esther has decided to pur­sue her pas­sion and head to Cal­i­for­nia, to start an excit­ing new posi­tion with a social enter­prise called Global Cit­i­zen Year.  She is head­ing home and mov­ing up, and while we will all miss her greatly, we’re excited and happy for her …
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A Northeastern Perspective on the Passing of Madiba


It is the great Madiba’s his­toric legacy that South Africa is finally a free, demo­c­ra­tic and non-discriminatory soci­ety. It is up to the next leader of this remark­able coun­try to carry that legacy for­ward from social jus­tice to eco­nomic jus­tice. With social equal­ity comes the expec­ta­tion for full and com­plete equal­ity, and the expec­ta­tion among the mil­lions of poor South Africans is for more and bet­ter jobs, and the improved con­di­tions of daily life that fol­low pro­duc­tive and mean­ing­ful work for all.

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