Tough Decisions


Graduates with Social Enterprise Ambitions By Dr. Gordon K Adomdza, Executive Professor It’s close to another graduation ceremony and many students who have experienced the power of social impact and social enterprise in doing good are faced with the usual dilemma; should they take that well-paying, less “social”, job? After all, it’s in their field of study. […]

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A Nobel Prize for Business?


By Professor Dennis R. Shaughnessy My social enterprise and honors students have been working on a new assignment this term. The gist: Why isn’t there a Nobel Prize for Business? If there were to be one in the future, what would it look like and who should win it? The Nobel Prize has been awarded in Sweden […]

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Appalachia Capstone 2015

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Silicon Savanna, Solar Panels and M-Kopa


by Dennis R. Shaughnessy  While many young people dream of a job in Silicon Valley working for a tech start-up upon graduation from college or business school, increasingly there are others who feel drawn to a different dream and a different kind of hub for start-ups. Nairobi, Kenya is now referred to by many as the “Silicon […]

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Alumni Spotlight: Katherine Woolley


Hi Kate! We’re super excited to catch up with you. Tell us, what have you been up to since graduating in May 2014? Following graduation, I moved home to California to crack down on my job search. Learning about social entrepreneurship in my senior year at Northeastern made for a less than timely pivot in career […]

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Lady Business

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Rethinking A Woman’s Right to Menstrual HygieneBy Emily O’Connor “The greatest return comes from investing in girls and women. When they are educated, they drive development in their families, communities and nations.”[i] In 2013 when UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon made this statement he was acknowledging the powerful role women play in the advancement of human […]

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