Will Internet.org connect the world?

By Colin Applegate Background An estimated 4.4 billion people, over two-thirds of the world’s population, lack access to the Internet. The majority of these people live in poor and rural regions in developing countries. The possible uses for mobile communication and the Internet in the developing world are endless. A Deloitte study found that access to […]

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The Creative and Socially Conscious Gift Guide for Grads

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By Emily O’Connor So, it’s that time of year again. The time of rushing to finish projects, scrabbling to tie up capstones, and cramming for finals. The end of the semester is upon us. For many of you, this is your last semester. Graduation is quickly approaching. Before you starting hyperventilating at the thought of being […]

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Frontier Market Scouts: Interview with Christopher Woodward


Chris is a Double Husky– graduating twice from the D’Amore-McKim School of Business, he earned a Bachelors degree in 2011 and an MBA in January 2015. He is passionate about using his financial background to address climate change, economic growth, and poverty alleviation. When did you graduate from Northeastern’s undergraduate program and what have you been […]

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The Economics of Justice


By Vincent Armentano As an econ major, I felt right at home as Dr. Cahn commenced his presentation. An older gentleman with a welcoming voice, he spoke in terms that have become second nature to me; scarcity, demand, price and exchange. These concepts are typically an economist’s bread and butter. Dr. Cahn recited a familiar logic […]

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Alternative Spring Break: The Dominican Republic


By Aekta Shah & Katerina Stephan As the early morning fog dissipated into scattered rays of Caribbean sunshine, 16 sleepy-eyed college students devoured their bowls of Haitian-style oatmeal, soaking up the welcomed, unfamiliar warmth, and watching as a slender man herded his cows through the stream below. It was serene. It was paradise. It was Spring […]

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A Trip to Appalachia

SEI_Appalachia 2

Advanced Studies in Social Enterprise Capstone to Tennessee By Sydney Banks On March 7th, fourteen Northeastern students enrolled in ENTR4506, “Advanced Studies in Social Entrepreneurship,” traveled to Tennessee and Kentucky to take part in a week-long field visit to social enterprises and social entrepreneurial communities in both urban Nashville and rural Appalachia. In the past, this capstone course […]

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