Amanda Prifti: Partners in Health

Every­one is hard-working, unbe­liev­ably friendly, ded­i­cated and united for a greater pur­pose — end­ing global health inequal­ity. When some­thing so mean­ing­ful is a com­mon fac­tor in an envi­ron­ment, it’s elec­tri­fy­ing. Con­ta­gious. Invig­o­rat­ing. Really makes wak­ing up every morn­ing a plea­sure rather than a chore,” said Amanda Prifti, a senior at North­east­ern fin­ish­ing her final co-op at Part­ners in Health.

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Reflections on Global Experience

As a mem­ber of the Inter­na­tional Busi­ness pro­gram at North­east­ern, I spent my entire fourth year over­seas par­tic­i­pat­ing in a study abroad and inter­na­tional co-op. I was so enthralled with global expe­ri­ence that I added two field study pro­grams before and after my IB require­ment. This expe­ri­en­tial year as an expa­tri­ate strives to develop us as global lead­ers, thinkers, and doers. I had the oppor­tu­nity to travel to over a dozen dif­fer­ent coun­tries in only 12 months; more than I have ever in my entire life. But the gnaw­ing ques­tion when I returned to the states really made me think about what it means to go abroad: “What was your favorite part?”

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A Growing NU Curriculum to Meet Global Needs for Social Entrepreneurs

As the impact of social enter­prise grows around the world, we in turn are grow­ing our capac­ity to meet the mar­ket need for a new gen­er­a­tion of highly moti­vated and well trained social entrepreneurs.

Con­sis­tent with the unique mis­sion and approach of North­east­ern, our social enter­prise cur­ricu­lum is student-centered, prac­tice ori­ented, and global. Our focus is on design, devel­op­ment and finance for enter­prises work­ing in poverty reduc­tion and eco­nomic devel­op­ment in low income coun­tries and com­mu­ni­ties. We teach stu­dents how busi­ness and busi­ness prin­ci­ples can be a force for global good, espe­cially when inspired and informed young peo­ple lead the way toward pos­i­tive change, mean­ing­ful impact and broadly shared value.

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Acumen Fund


Very low-income peo­ple are too often invis­i­ble to busi­nesses and soci­ety. Busi­nesses see no sig­nif­i­cant mar­ket oppor­tu­nity and gov­ern­ments view low-income areas as hav­ing insuf­fi­cient tax rev­enues to pay for basic ser­vices like clean water, health­care, hous­ing and energy. Build­ing new mod­els that pro­vide these crit­i­cal ser­vices at afford­able price – in the face of high costs, poor dis­tri­b­u­tion sys­tems, dis­persed cus­tomers, lim­ited financ­ing options and, at times, cor­rup­tion – requires imag­i­na­tive busi­ness solu­tions and part­ner­ships sup­ported by investors will­ing to take on a risk/return pro­file that is unac­cept­able to tra­di­tional financiers.

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An Unexpected Loss and a Gentle Reminder

Naman Shah

Ear­lier this month we lost one of our beloved stu­dents, Naman Shah, to an untimely death at the age of 21. His short life reminds me of a some­thing I read long ago, that given a choice between a life of com­fort and a life of mean­ing, the wise per­son will choose the lat­ter. We too often hear of unnec­es­sary and pre­ma­ture deaths in the world, in fact we’ve all seen the sta­tis­tic that sev­eral thou­sand chil­dren die need­lessly each day from poverty and dis­ease. Every life mat­ters, and yet when it’s some­one you know, whose path crossed yours, the idea of a sense­less death in the face of such promise is that much more powerful.

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Valuating Nature

environmental refugee

The goods and ser­vices that we depend on daily would not exist with­out the assis­tance of nature in the sup­ply chain. Humans con­stantly derive ecosys­tem ser­vices from nature, like how water­sheds source our taps and faucets or how bees fer­til­ize plants for our morn­ing cup of coffee.

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