Njabini Incorporated's newest project: Wakulima Pamoja (Farmers Together)


Michael Behan, a senior in his last semester at Northeastern University pursuing a business major with a dual concentration in Social Entrepreneurship and Finance, was running in a small ultra marathon race. In order to get there he needed to drive about fifteen hours, the last six of which were on trials through the desert. […]

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Blanketing Unemployment in South African Townships

In July of 2012, 40 students from the Social Enterprise Institute (SEI) traveled to Cape Town, South Africa, to consult with local micro-entrepreneurs and social enterprises under the tutelage of Professors Dennis Shaughnessy and Gordon Adomdza of the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Group at Northeastern University. SEI hosts interdisciplinary Northeastern students in Cape Town for their […]

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Breaking into the field of international development: Michaela D'Amico's time with URCSF

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Breaking into the field of international development work is distinctly challenging for recent college graduates. But with the right combination of honed skills, distinct passion, and good timing, some have secured these much-sought opportunities. Michaela D’Amico, a 2010 graduate of Northeastern, is one of those talented people. Michaela recently returned from Uganda, where she was working […]

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Samasource: Advancing the Microwork Revolution

Formal and dignified employment eludes billions of people around the world, but Samasource, a highly innovative social business, acknowledges the internet as a democratizing and empowering force that can provide dignified work. Samasource connects women and youth earning under $3 a day to microwork: computer-driven piecework conducted over the internet that provides a fair wage and valuable job training skills to the those formerly excluded from the formal sector.

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Teaching Impact Investing in High Performance Social Enterprises

Photo Credit, Brooks Canaday/Northeastern University

The idea of “impact investing” is gaining a great deal of attention these days, including in undergraduate education. While many institutions have offered classes in strategic philanthropy in recent years, and of course in traditional business investing for many, we have focused our efforts at SEI on developing educational programs for a new third way of investing. This new investment discipline involves socially minded investors providing capital to both for profit and non-profit enterprises that are committed to efficiently addressing social problems in both a sustainable and innovative way.

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Nele Groosman at the Paradigm Project

Nele Groosman, a graduate of International Affairs from Northeastern University, started a new job position eleven months ago in Kenya as a Market Research and Impact Assessment Coordinator at the Paradigm Project. The Paradigm Project is a social enterprise whose mission is to create sustainable economic, social and environmental value within developing world communities. They achieve this by selling fuel-efficient improved wood cooking stoves, which improve health, save time and money, empower women, help slow the rate of deforestation, and create jobs.

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