Is it our Job to Tell the Poor What they Want?

By Gordon Adomdza, Ph.D Steve Jobs was known to give a standard answer to the question of how much market research went into new product designs: None. He would add “It’s not the consumers’ job to know what they want”.  Further, one of the common quotes attributed to him is “A lot of times, people don’t […]

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Social Enterprise Institute Alumni Shed Light on Careers in Impact Investing at Collegiate Alternative Investments Summit

By Michael Gallagher  March 22nd and 23rd saw the second annual Collegiate Alternative Investments Summit here at Northeastern.  This year, the CAIS committee was determined to incorporate the Social Enterprise Institute, with an emphasis on impact investing, an emergent area of the non-traditional investing space.   The Summit featured speakers from traditional alternative investments such as venture […]

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Not One, but Sixty Jumbo Jets Crashing Each Day….


By Professor Dennis Shaughnessy  While watching the news coverage of the tragedy of Malaysia Flight 370 over the past three weeks, I was reminded of a compelling analogy used by author Roger Thurow in his book “Enough:  Why the World’s Poorest Starve in An Age of Plenty”.  Based on information provided by the United Nations World […]

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SEI Global Fellow Report from the Field: Aakar Innovations


By Gail Batutis Our tiny auto-rickshaw swerves through traffic, the wind bathing our faces in a sensory assault of dust and fried food, constant construction by barefoot men on bamboo scaffolding and the cries of children at intersections, hands gesturing plaintively at their mouths, swarming when they notice my light skin. “Begging is one of the biggest […]

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Social Enterprise Institute Student Examines Strategies for Poverty Alleviation in Native Jamaica


By Olivia Allen  For the past three years, the Social Enterprise Institute (SEI), housed within the D’Amore-McKim School of Business has led students enrolled in ENTR 4506 “Advanced Studies in Social Entrepreneurship” to developing countries to study the role of social enterprises and other market-based solutions in alleviating poverty.  This year, SEI’s capstone students traveled to Kingston, […]

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Advanced Studies in Social Entrepreneurship: Jamaica Field Practicum Preview


By Olivia Allen On Sunday, March 2, 30 students enrolled in “Advanced Studies in Social Entrepreneurship” will travel to Kingston, Jamaica to study sus­tain­able enter­prise solu­tions to extreme poverty in rural com­mu­ni­ties. The international field practicum component of the course will allow students to closely examine and evaluate the players in agricultural value chains – from […]

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