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Alumni Spotlight: Caitlin Ferguson


Interview by Camille Carlton  Can you tell us a little bit about your post-graduate life and how you came to start working in Mumbai? After both a co-op and a language fellowship in India during my undergrad at Northeastern, I knew that I wanted to dig deeper into on-the-ground work in social enterprise in the country post-graduation. […]

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Student Reflection: The Hult Prize Competition


by Katerina Stephan  In just five years, the Hult Prize Foundation has grown from a simple idea to the largest student competition in the world. Described as a “Nobel Prize for students” by the Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus, the annual competition challenges more than 22,000 teams of students from all academic disciplines, from all corners of […]

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Do’s and Don’ts of Marketing a Social Enterprise


by Leah Bury  DON’T Expect Your Cause to Sell Your Product The idea of “doing good” is a lot more pervasive now in the mind of consumers, and 60% of shoppers now prioritize “conscious shopping.” A good cause is great, but it is still important to provide a viable, competitive product. Think: Warby Parker. They have reached high […]

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Co-op Spotlight: A Township Experience


by Shannon Gillie In March of this year, I had dinner with a group of ten other NU students who were also on their co-ops in Cape Town, South Africa. If there’s anything NU students love to talk about, it’s our co-ops, and they were our topic of conversation for much of the evening. Given the […]

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Student Spotlight: How One Class Would Have Changed My Volunteer Experience


by Anea Schaffel At the age of 18, I found myself on an airplane to beautiful South Africa where I spent my gap year after high school volunteering. For a year, I lived and worked in a children’s home in the province Kwa-Zulu Natal, and it was absolutely amazing! My co-volunteer Melanie and I organized many […]

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Faculty Spotlight: Reflections on The 12th Annual Social Entrepreneurship Conference

DSC01604 (1)

by Professor Sophie Bacq For the fourth consecutive year, I co-directed with Dr. Jill Kickul, the Annual Social Entrepreneurship Conference, the largest academic gathering of its kind. This year, the 12th Annual Social Entrepreneurship Conference took place at NYU Stern School of Business on November 4, 5 and 6. Eighty researchers from more than 20 countries around […]

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