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Will connect the world?

By Colin Applegate Background An estimated 4.4 billion people, over two-thirds of the world’s population, lack access to the Internet. The majority of these people live in poor and rural regions in developing countries. The possible uses for mobile communication and the Internet in the developing world are endless. A Deloitte study found that access to […]

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Frontier Market Scouts: Interview with Christopher Woodward


Chris is a Double Husky– graduating twice from the D’Amore-McKim School of Business, he earned a Bachelors degree in 2011 and an MBA in January 2015. He is passionate about using his financial background to address climate change, economic growth, and poverty alleviation. When did you graduate from Northeastern’s undergraduate program and what have you been […]

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Tough Decisions


Graduates with Social Enterprise Ambitions By Dr. Gordon K Adomdza, Executive Professor It’s close to another graduation ceremony and many students who have experienced the power of social impact and social enterprise in doing good are faced with the usual dilemma; should they take that well-paying, less “social”, job? After all, it’s in their field of study. […]

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Silicon Savanna, Solar Panels and M-Kopa


by Dennis R. Shaughnessy  While many young people dream of a job in Silicon Valley working for a tech start-up upon graduation from college or business school, increasingly there are others who feel drawn to a different dream and a different kind of hub for start-ups. Nairobi, Kenya is now referred to by many as the “Silicon […]

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A Farewell to SEI

by Emily Turner  What felt like dawn, a loud breakfast bell rang out across the open farmland in New Market, Tennessee. I lept out of bed realizing I slept past my own alarm, a pathetic ringtone compared to the metal structure the cook just struck outside. It was the last day of the spring break field study […]

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Thank Goodness for Tim Cook:  Apple’s Chance for Real Greatness


Steve Jobs was an undeniable giant of industry, and a legendary figure in the tech sector. Many business analysts consider him the greatest CEO of his era, perhaps alongside Bill Gates. He built, rebuilt and led Apple in becoming the most valuable company on earth. His genius for design, innovation and management were extraordinary. He left the world far too young, having passed away in 2011 at the age of 56. Steve Jobs died one of the richest people on earth, with an estimated net worth of $10.2 billion.

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