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Nele Groosman at the Paradigm Project

Nele Groosman, a graduate of International Affairs from Northeastern University, started a new job position eleven months ago in Kenya as a Market Research and Impact Assessment Coordinator at the Paradigm Project. The Paradigm Project is a social enterprise whose mission is to create sustainable economic, social and environmental value within developing world communities. They achieve this by selling fuel-efficient improved wood cooking stoves, which improve health, save time and money, empower women, help slow the rate of deforestation, and create jobs.

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Juan Pena Salas at Esperanza

Working at Esperanza as a financial analyst has been an incredible experience with a lot of engaging and fun opportunities. My main responsibility is to do end of the month reports for the organization. These reports are then used to make decisions on the organization’s performance and methods, and they help us to recognize which branches of the organization are under/over performing.

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November Lecture Series featuring Akshaya Patra in Food for Education

On November 26, 2012, the Northeastern Social Enterprise Institute hosted Madu Sridhat, president and CEO of Akshaya Patra, for its November Lecture Series event.

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Venture Well & Village Capital Event Take Aways

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The 24th of October Joseph Steig came to Northeastern University to talk about this new program created by the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance with the help of Venture Well and Village Capital. This program helps identify IT and clean tech innovations in top universities. It is an intensive two-weekend program where students receive […]

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In the Field Update from Kenya

The past two months have flown by here. I originally planned to come here to independently research Kenya’s microfinance landscape—seeking to understand how Kenyans, both in rural areas and in the slums of Nairobi, use rotating savings and credits associations (ROSCAs) and accumulating savings and credit associations (ASCAs) to manage their finances— rather than the MFIs in the country. But then while co-oping in China and thinking about my experiences at Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, I decided I wanted to learn more about approaches to income development beyond increasing access to financial resources.

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TSiBA Education: More than a Co-op

This past spring semester, I had the great fortune to be on co-op in Cape Town, South Africa working for TSiBA Education at the Ignition Centre. TSiBA Education is a tuition-free higher education provider that focuses on building future business leaders from South Africa’s pool of talented but poor and disadvantaged young people.

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