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Organized Confusion: Dominican Republic & Cuba Field Study 2014


Wait, why is socialism bad again?” I bet I heard someone say that or was it a quiet voice at the back of my head? We were walking away from an art store to our bus in a small community in Las Terrazas, in Artemisa province in Cuba.  We had visited the community in the […]

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Interview with David Kyle, Impact Business Leaders.

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Interview with David Kyle: Impact Business LeadersConducted by Ali Matalon Could you tell us a bit about your corporate background and what event sparked your desire to enter the social impact industry? My international experience began when I was 11 years old when my father moved our family from suburban New York to Latin America. In the […]

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Interview with Esther Chou, Global Citizen Year

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Interview with Esther Chou: Global Citizen Year Conducted by Ali Matalon  Hi Esther! We have all missed you at SEI and want to know: what are you up to? I moved to San Francisco in January to work with a social enterprise called Global Citizen Year. Since then, I’ve been re-learning how to ride a bike (mostly up […]

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Principles for High Impact BOGO Design


The so-called “buy one, give one” business model has increased in popularity recently.  There are both good (empowering, efficient) and bad (disenfranchising, inefficient) BOGO business models.  Consider the Warby Parker model as an example of the good kind, and the original TOMS Shoes model as an example of the other kind.  Here are some suggested guiding […]

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Notes from the Field: Threads of Peru

Juliana Huaman Quispe_Rumira Sondormayo

It’s 3:15 on a Saturday morning and I quietly close the door of my Cusco apartment behind me. By 3:50 I close the sliding door of an Ollantaytambo-bound combi, a cheap van heading almost 40 miles northwest to the heart of the Sacred Valley, to the same town that around a million Machu Picchu visitors […]

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Sharing sight, unearthing beauty


In May 2014, 30 students traveled to the Dominican Republic as part of the Social Enterprise Institute’s (SEI) Field Study program to work and learn as microfinance consultants. The students and the Northeastern staff arrived in the Dominican Republic bearing 1,500 pairs of reading glasses to be distributed across poor communities. SEI received the glasses from […]

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