Social Entrepreneurship Track

The Social Entrepreneurship Track (SE Track) requires business students to complete five courses within the School of Business’ Innovation & Entrepreneurship concentration, for a total of 20 credits.

While the SE Track is formally recognized by the DMSB as a specialized field of study, university policy provides that track designations do not appear on student transcripts. Students are encouraged to use the SE Track designation on their resumes, co-op and job applications, and any other materials representing their academic record at Northeastern.

Required Coursework

Structure of the SE Track

The first required course in the five course SE Track is the introductory core course entitled ENTR2206: Social Entrepreneurship. Additionally, two of the required courses must be completed as a “Field Research Program” in either India or South Africa.  Two other courses included in the SE Track are traditional on-campus classes.  And finally, the capstone course for the SE Track includes an abbreviated optional field study component, typically done during Spring Break.

These courses include one course from the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Group’s general curriculum and four specialized courses from the Social Entrepreneurship curriculum

*ENTR2204, ENTR3301 and ENTR2206 are each offered in both the Fall and Spring semesters. 

**The Field Research Programs are offered in Summer 1 (India) and Summer 2 (South Africa) only.

***The capstone course ENTR4506 is currently offered in the Spring semester.

Prerequisites and Sequence:

Students are encouraged to complete ENTR2206 before applying for and enrolling in one of the Field Research Programs. Students who have completed ENTR2206 are given preference in the application process for each Field Research Program. 

Completion of ENTR2206 is required for the capstone course ENTR4506.  Completion of one of the Field Research Programs is strongly encouraged for enrollment in the capstone course ENTR4506.

SE Electives

An additional Social Entrepreneurship course entitled, ENTR3219: Business, Global Poverty & the Micro-finance Revolution can be taken as an elective, or under certain limited circumstances, substituted for one of the required on-campus courses.

Student Waivers of Requirements

There are three general areas in which students can seek a waiver of the course requirements for the SE Track:

  1. Juniors and Seniors as of the 2010-2011 academic year who have completed a different sequence of four social entrepreneurship courses can seek a waiver to qualify for the SE Track.  The course sequence that will typically result in a waiver is one Field Research Program, ENTR2206 and ENTR2219.
  2. Honors Program students who have taken honors seminars that are substantially equivalent to the required courses may also seek a waiver of one of the required courses.
  3. Retroactive Effect: The SE Track may be earned by students who are enrolled in the 2010-2011 academic year or after, and include courses and Field Research Program completed by such a student at any time since Fall 2007 when the social entrepreneurship curriculum commenced.