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    China is conducting a massive DDoS attack against GitHub

    GitHub.com, a popular code repository, hosts two projects that allow users in China to bypass the Great Firewall of China (GFW) to view the New York Times and GreatFire.org. This attack is designed to take down [more]

    Antivirus works - here are the numbers

    Here are the malware and virus statistics for the past month: The Northeastern offered Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEM) has blocked or deleted over 20 thousand pieces of malware and Trojan viruses from [more]

    Phishing Email - Your New Salary As Adjusted

    Click image for larger version The Northeastern Community has received a new phishing email with the subject: "Your New Salary As Adjusted." The email asks the user to click on a link and enter their myNEU [more]

    Changes to Remote Desktop - VPN Access

    Starting today, the new standard for remote desktop access goes into effect. Under this standard, all individuals using certain remote desktop applications – such as Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), PC [more]

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