How to keep your Apple safe


“APPLE users need to stop living in “fantasy land” and let go of the myth that its products are safe from malicious programs and viruses.”

Harsh words, but for some Apple users a wake up call is needed to show they are in danger. Computer researchers at the anti-virus company Kaspersky have released recommendations on how to keep your Apple computer safe.

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How to keep your Apple computer secure

  1. Install an anti-virus application and keep it up to date. The NU community gets free anti-virus software
  2. Use Keychain to store all your passwords. Password protect Keychain with a password that differs from any other of your accounts
  3. Ensure security updates are legitimate. Only update software from the manufacturers’ website, not third party sites.
  4. Lock your computer screen when you are not using it. Lock your computer to a solid object when you are in a public place.
  5. Turn off automatically loging into your computer. The few moments it takes to type in your username and password is worth protecting your data.
  6. Do not store important and sensitive information in the cloud. Breaches in cloud accounts have increased in recent years and your information may not be safe in third party hands.
  7. Many more tips…
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