Cyber criminals take advantage of Boston tragedy


Yesterday we reported scammers had registered over 125 domain names within hours of the Boston bombings. Today security researchers have reported that once again criminals are taking advantage of the public’s curiosity and generosity to spread malware and computer viruses.

TrendLabs reports that spam messages with subjects such as “2 Explosions at Boston Marathon” and “Aftermath to explosion at Boston Marathon” link to websites that use the Blackhole Exploit Kit to try and install malware.

SecureList reports that some of the emails link to websites with video of the explosions. In order to play the videos the user must install a “video player.” The player is really malware in disguise.

Sophos NakedSecurity reports that the malware installs connection software to allow the criminals to remotely control your computer.

To Stay Safe:

  • Do not click on links or open attachments from unsolicited email.
  • Do not install video or any other software from non mainstream websites
  • Do not forward spam messages to prevent spreading the damage to others
  • Make sure you have the latest anti-virus software installed and updated
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