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Tips for Sending Sensitive Information via Email

Thanks to the internet, we are sharing more than ever! Most of the time, we don’t think anything of it. Need to send over those tax documents to your accountant? No problem! Just send them over via e-mail, right? Before you hit send, here are a few tips on how to better secure your information […]

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Antivirus works – here are the numbers

Here are the malware and virus statistics for the past month: The Northeastern offered Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEM) has blocked or deleted over 20 thousand pieces of malware and Trojan viruses from protected OS X and Windows computers. This includes 80 instances of ransomware, malware that makes a computer unusable until the victim pays a […]

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Changes to Remote Desktop – VPN Access

Starting today, the new standard for remote desktop access goes into effect. Under this standard, all individuals using certain remote desktop applications – such as Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), PC Anywhere, and Apple Remote Desktop – to connect to Northeastern resources must use the VPN in order for those applications to work properly. A […]

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Start off 2015 Secure with Free Anti-Virus

Welcome New and Returning Students! The New Year promises an even higher number of virus and malware threats to your Mac and Windows computers. The ResNet Resource Center has a stack of Apples and PCs that are infected with viruses. Long gone are the days when Apple users are immune from viruses and malware. The […]

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‘Tis the Season to be…WARY

The holiday season is upon us, and you are probably shopping the never-ending sales that have been available since Halloween, especially online. More and more holiday money is being spent online, and this presents hackers and cyber-thieves a unique opportunity to rake in the cash – almost $800 million last year, according to the FBI. […]

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Email Etiquette: Lessons from the Sony hack

This past month Sony Entertainment was hit with a massive hack from a group called the “Guardians of Peace” or #GOP. The #GOP recently released the first of a large number of internal documents and emails from Sony employees and executives. Unfortunately for Sony, the leaked emails do not paint a flattering picture. The emails […]

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JPMorgan Chase and 9 Other Financial Institutions Hacked

JPMorgan Chase and nine other yet to be named financial institutions suffered a massive data breach targeting both individuals and businesses.   The attackers were able to steal client names, addresses, email, and phone numbers.  JPMorgan states that no financial and login information was compromised. Clients are advised to watch out for phishing scams within the […]

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ALERT: Mac, Linux, And Unix Users Impacted By Security Vulnerability “Shellshock”

For updated Shellshock Information: SecureNU – Shellshock Bash bug Information This week security experts discovered an extensive security flaw in Bash, a component used in Linux and Unix operating systems, including Mac OS X. This vulnerability, nicknamed Shellshock, makes  devices running Bash susceptible to hackers and worms. Several technology manufacturers have already released preliminary patches to help stop […]

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