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10 Computer Security Blogs and Site to Follow

Looking for more information about the latest security issues and trends?  Here are 10 blogs and sites to follow that will tell you what you need to know to stay safe. KrebsonSecurity – Blog by security researcher Brian Krebs Naked Security – Computer security news, advice and research from Sophos Schneier on Security – Blog by security […]

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Procurement and Purchasing Fraud and Scams

Northeastern University been made aware that criminals are using Northeastern employee contact information for the purpose of fraud against third party vendors.   The following email addresses have been associated with fraudulent activity and are NOT official Northeastern University email accounts. Any combination of the above The scammer will ask that […]

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Phishing emails from friends at Bouvé.

Students are returning, classes are starting, and phishing emails are swarming.   Over the past several days faculty, staff, and students of Bouvé have received phishing emails appearing to be from students and fellow staff members.  The emails ask the recipient to click on a link sending the user to a website requesting Northeastern credentials or […]

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New Blackboard Phishing Email

The above phishing email has been reported by several members of the Northeastern community. This email, like many phishing emails, attempts to trick the user into clicking on a link that supposedly points to an official Northeastern website. If you hover your mouse over the link you will notice that the link does not point […]

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Are you a cyber superhero?

Sure, you are secure but how about your friends? You are a security expert. Your passwords are complex, longer 10 characters, and stored in a password manager. You always update your software and Apple operating system when new patches come out. You never leave your laptop or phone alone in the library or classroom. You […]

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Stagefright – Android malware

This past week, the mobile security firm Zimperium discovered a major vulnerability within the Android operating system. This vulnerability, nicknamed Stagefright, has the potential to impact around 950 million Android devices. This exploit is unique in that users do not have to do anything in order for the malicious code to be downloaded to their […]

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Antivirus works – here are the numbers

Here are the malware and virus statistics for the past month: The Northeastern offered Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEM) has blocked or deleted over 20 thousand pieces of malware and Trojan viruses from protected OS X and Windows computers. This includes 80 instances of ransomware, malware that makes a computer unusable until the victim pays a […]

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Phishing Email – Your New Salary As Adjusted

Click image for larger version The Northeastern Community has received a new phishing email with the subject: “Your New Salary As Adjusted.” The email asks the user to click on a link and enter their myNEU credentials. This email is a fake. Do NOT click on the link in the email. Delete from your inbox. […]

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