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Changes to Guest Wireless – NUwave-guest

In an ongoing effort to enhance the security of our campus wireless networks, Information Technology Services will be implementing changes to the unsecured wireless network NUwave-guest. This May ITS will enable registration requirements and a time limit for NUwave-guest access on the Boston campus. Individuals wishing to use the guest wireless network will need to […]

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Loose Lips Sink the Security Ship

A few years ago I was in the elevator of a multiple company office building and overheard two interesting conversations. First, two people got on talking about the next board meeting and commented that the Board “are sure not going to like the numbers this quarter.” In another instance two engineers got on talking about […]

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Changes to Northeastern Wireless Guest Network

NOTICE – NUwave-guest access changes, effective August 16, 2013. To enhance the security of Northeastern’s network, new standards will be implemented for the NUwave-guest wireless network. Beginning on Friday, August 16, 2013, NUwave-guest will provide restricted access to the Internet – limited to web browsers, email clients and VPN applications. If you have any questions […]

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Now posted 2013 Computer and Information Security Guide

Welcome new and returning students! The 2013 Computer and Information Security Guide offers something for everyone from the computer novice to seasoned user. myChecklist for Computer and Information Security Checklist for Protecting your myNEU Account Router/Wireless Access Point Security Requirements and Recommendations Notice to the University Community: Management of Copyright Infringement Complaints 2013 General Computer […]

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Data Privacy Awareness Video

Learn how safely use, store, and transmit personal information at Northeastern. Created by SANS and EDUCAUSE

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Cyberbullying in the Workplace

Updated: 2013.05.13 A recent study reports that cyberbullying is pervasive within the workplace. A new study by the University of Sheffield and Nottingham University has shown that 8 out of 10 people have experienced cyberbullying at the workplace in the last six months. The research also has shown that 14 – 20 percent of people […]

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Stay safe – P2P File Sharing

New article at SecureNU provides helpful tips on staying safe and legal with peer to peer (P2P) file sharing at Northeastern University. Topics Include: NU policies regarding peer to peer file sharing Learn tips on how to avoid malware and spyware Prevent your personal files and pictures from becoming Internet fodder Avoid the ire of […]

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Online Classes Lead to Online Cheating

The growing popularity of online classes has given rise to a new generation of cheating techniques. A simple Internet search reveals thousands of links offering different ways to get an A while fooling the testing systems. The article by The Chronicle of Higher Education Online Classes See Cheating Go High-Tech describes an arms race between […]

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