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Decrypt CryptoLocker Ransomware Files for Free!

Victims of the CryptoLocker ransomware are now able to decrypt and recover their files for free. The BBC is reporting the website will provide users the decryption key and recovery program that will decrypt all the files on their computer encrypted with CryptoLocker. The service was developed by the security companies Fox-IT and FireEye […]

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Criminals Steal 1.2 Billion Usernames and Passwords

The New York Times and other media outlets are reporting that a Russian criminal gang has acquired over 1.2 billion unique usernames and passwords. The user credentials were gathered through security holes in over 420,000 websites. The list of websites has not been released but the New York Times has verified it contains a wide […]

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Protect Your Keys from Scanning App is one of a handful of new online services that provide physical key replacement. A free mobile app stores a picture of your key and for a small fee will either send you a physical copy or you can pick it up at a local kiosk (in NYC). The service is designed for people […]

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Beware Keyloggers at Hotel Computers

Brian Krebs is reporting the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is warning hotels that criminals are installing key loggers on publically available hotel kiosks and business center computers. Keyloggers are either software or USB type sticks that capture every keystroke a user makes on the computer. Criminals install these programs and devices to steal user […]

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Securely Delete Phone Data for Resell

Yesterday a report released by the security company Avast shows that a typical factory reset on your phone does not remove all personal data. Of the 20 secondhand phones purchased for the study the company was able to retrieve more than 40,000 photos, 750 emails and text messages, a loan application, and other personal data. […]

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New Lynda Video: Creating Secure PHP Websites

Lynda.Com has released a new course on creating secure PHP websites. This video is a must for anyone developing PHP websites and applications. Watch for free with your MyNEU credentials Link to the course: Creating Secure PHP Websites From the Course Details: Hackers target PHP web applications more often than other sites because most PHP […]

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Changes to NU Wireless Guest Access

Next week, in an ongoing effort to enhance the security of our campus wireless networks, Information Technology Services will be implementing changes to the unsecured wireless network NUwave-guest. On May 21, 2014, ITS will enable registration requirements and a time limit for NUwave-guest access on the Boston campus. All other Northeastern locations will implement these changes at a […]

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Microsoft Releases Patch for Critical Internet Explorer Vulnerablity

  Microsoft has released a security update for Internet Explorer to resolve the critical vulnerability announced earlier this week. The Internet Explorer vulnerability could be exploited to give a remote attacker control of a user’s computer, letting them install more malicious software onto the machine. This update will be downloaded and installed automatically through Windows […]

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