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New Blackboard and Document Phishing Emails 9/19/2013

Here are two new phishing emails circulating the campus this morning. As always, do not click on links or open attachments in suspected phishing emails. You can tell this first message is a phishing email because the link in the message points to Obviously this is not a Northeastern Blackboard website. From: Blackboard Notifications […]

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iOS 7 – Backup iPhone First – Install Update Second

Today, at long last, iOS 7 is available to the public! Before you download and install the update Apple recommends that you backup your iPhone first. If your backup is larger than the 5GB of free iCloud storage you should create a local backup on your computer. You do not want to be in the […]

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New WordPress Security Update – 9/13/2013

WordPress released security update 3.6.1 that fixes three newly discovered vulnerabilities in the website framework. WordPress strongly urges users to update today! Important: Backup all your WordPress files and database before any update. To automatically update WordPress: Sign into the Admin Dashboard and select Updates from the left menu Select the button Upgrade Automatically Repeat […]

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Give nonsense answers to security questions – Microsoft Factsheet

Microsoft has released a helpful factsheet outlining key steps to protect your privacy online. One great tip is to give nonsense answers to security questions. Often when you sign up for a new web service you will be asked to supply answers to security questions such as where you were born, your mother’s maiden name, […]

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Become a data dealer and broker – new Online Game

Do you have what it takes to be a data broker / dealer on the Internet? Can you work with the underground economies to acquire vast amounts of personal identifying data such as health records, credit history, banking information, and sexual orientation? Do you have the business sense to build a data mining empire? Now […]

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