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    ‘Tis the Season to be…WARY

    The holiday season is upon us, and you are probably shopping the never-ending sales that have been available since Halloween, especially online. More and more holiday money is being spent online, and this [more]

    Email Etiquette: Lessons from the Sony hack

    This past month Sony Entertainment was hit with a massive hack from a group called the “Guardians of Peace” or #GOP. The #GOP recently released the first of a large number of internal documents and emails [more]

    JPMorgan Chase and 9 Other Financial Institutions Hacked

    JPMorgan Chase and nine other yet to be named financial institutions suffered a massive data breach targeting both individuals and businesses.   The attackers were able to steal client names, addresses, email, [more]

    NU users upgrade to OS X Mavericks for Free

    Apple has not provided the Shellshock patch for versions of OS X older than Lion.  If you have an older version of OS X and would like to upgrade to Mavericks the Service Desk will be able to assist you.   [more]

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