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    NU users upgrade to OS X Mavericks for Free

    Apple has not provided the Shellshock patch for versions of OS X older than Lion.  If you have an older version of OS X and would like to upgrade to Mavericks the Service Desk will be able to assist you.   [more]

    Apple Releases Shellshock Patch

    Apple has released a patch to fix Shellshock Bash bug vulnerabilities.  Its is strongly recommended Mac users install the update when it becomes available through Software Update. Northeastern managed Macs will [more]

    ALERT: Mac, Linux, And Unix Users Impacted By Security Vulnerability "Shellshock"

    For updated Shellshock Information: SecureNU - Shellshock Bash bug Information This week security experts discovered an extensive security flaw in Bash, a component used in Linux and Unix operating systems, [more]

    4.5M Mail.ru and 1.2M Yandex Accounts Leaked; But Do Not Worry

    On Tuesday an unknown individual posted a file containing 4.5 million Mail.ru and 1.2 million Yandex addresses and passwords to a Russian bulletin board. Both Mail.ru and Yandex deny the passwords came from their [more]

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