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The Thing They Don’t Tell You About Being an Entrepreneur

There are a lot of tiny barriers to entry for being an Entrepreneur. You have to get a business license (scary), you have to get an accountant (how much is this going to cost?), you will probably need a lawyer at one point for even the simplest things like “Can I use this photo?” or “Am I allowed to say this quote from 1963?” because you’re not sure how far back Intellectual Property laws go on social media.

 That’s one of the many reasons why, despite the fame of dorm room entrepreneurs, I actually was in a very small minority when I launched my E-Commerce niche website, Hippies Hope Shop.  When you’re just starting out, there is a lot that you just don’t know.

 There is always a lot that you just don’t know.


This is the graph I give people I want to impress. 0 – 100,000 “likes” in less than 10 months with a budget of less than $3,000. In a world where the average cost of a Facebook “like” is $1.07, this graph is impressive.

This graph is life changing to whoever owns it. Even with Facebook’s new “changes” this graph means sales, lots of them. To a lot of people, this graph seems impossible; it’s more like a dream.

But to me… It’s easy. Give me an unlimited amount of funding and I can churn these out all day long with really awesome sales conversion rates to match.That’s why you are reading this article, because someone considered me an “expert” on this specific topic. That’s why you read about 99% of anyone who owns a business, you almost always hear experts talking, people who know their stuff really, really well.

This gives off the wrong impression to people. You see someone who is successful and ask yourself “why them and not me?” and you’ll usually attribute it because they are an “expert” in something. A salesman who knows everything about selling can sell anything to anyone… And that’s why he’s successful.

But that salesman didn’t always know how to sell.

10 Months ago I had a community page with 30 likes and knew absolutely nothing about SEO, social media, business licenses, taking white background pictures, dodging photos, IP law, copyright law, anchoring links, or any of the other 100 things it takes to run a successful E-Commerce business. I started with a super outdated “blogger” website that used a copy & paste PayPal button as my payment method. My launch was absolutely embarrassing looking back.

That’s the thing though that I think prevents so many people from starting a business. They get so wrapped up in the things that they don’t know how to do, they see all of the “successful” people who do know how to do those things, and don’t realize that’s what being an Entrepreneur is all about.

Learning things. Exploring the unknown.

It’s the reason why extremely talented artists take menial jobs. They have an amazing skill that provides value into the world, they know there is a possibility they could sell their art and make ten times what they would waiting tables, but they don’t take that next step usually because they don’t know how.

The brain is a super power. You have the ability to learn anything.

Can you learn how to SEO so well you completely crush your competitors who don’t know how? Yes. Can you learn how to take amazing pictures that go viral on the Internet? Yes. Can you learn how to make a million dollars? Yes.

Being an Entrepreneur isn’t about having the right answers. It is about your ability to learn things, faster than anyone else. Focus on learning and providing value back into the world and you’ll find that you can pretty much do anything.

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Koby Conrad is an niche E-Commerce entrepreneur who owns Hippies Hope Shop which sells things like hippie clothes, barefoot sandals, and hippie headbands. He has been featured in Business Insider, Slate Magazine, and Yahoo Finance. Currently Koby is focusing on growing Hippies Hope Shop to leverage the revenue to finance new projects and expanding his social network to include over 1,000,000 followers.

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